This strip of “intelligent” foam rubber want to replace your keyboard

Strip of intelligent foam

Write from the phone keypad is not too comfortable, and this task becomes virtually impossible if the screen is reduced to the size of a smartwatch. What if you want to write something while you’re using virtual reality glasses? External keyboards are a solution in some of these cases, but in Tap go further and believe they have found the most versatile keyboard possible: a strip of foam with sensors inside.Continue reading →

Ask these questions before authorising any software release

Software development can be a lengthy process. When the development comes to the end, it could be tempting to release the software as soon as possible; however, it is advisable to revisit questions for the last time so that nobody will be disappointed.

Ask these questions before authorising any software release

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First of all, software developers have to be sure that the product is ready to be released. The Software Sustainability Institute has a recommended checklist for developers and the following questions should be considered for the whole process before the official release.

1. Has enough testing been done?

It is important to know how many times the software has been tested, and also which elements have not been tested. The method of testing is also crucial, as some problems might arise after release if there was no all-round testing.

The specialised software testing market is expected to grow significantly by 2020; for example, it is now possible to use a software testing service such as, whereby thousands of software developers work together to ensure that everything is checked and reviewed.

2. Have designers been involved in reviewing the final version?

The final version of the software should be reviewed by designers, who might be able to find nuances or tiny issues that still can be fixed ahead of the official release. This could help avoid users having problems.

3. Have users seen the product?

Before the official release, it is advisable to run it by the users and have it signed off by the client to ensure that they are satisfied with what the software can offer.

4. Is the timing right?

As with any major product launch, timing it right is key. If the release date coincides with a major launch by a competitor, this might cause problems. It is also important to take major holidays into consideration.

5. Is the support team ready?

The support team will be crucial following the release of the software, as it has to solve any issues that might arise. It is therefore important to ensure the team members have been trained thoroughly and have sufficient experience of the system.

Every software development process is lengthy and complex; however, having final checks in place can ensure the smooth release of the product.

A computer all in one with Remix OS? AOC is the first to launch

AOC all in one

Which Android was originally designed to sneak into mobile devices, it is a fact, but has been trying to get where it could; it is also a fact less successful. For computers not present a particularly interesting interface, fortunately there are people who have been working on their own versions, as in the case of Remix OS.

It is one of the most ambitious to bring the Google operating system to the computer, leaving aside proposals convergence that may occur with Chrome OS, but products that support the platform difficult to advance. For AOC has decided to launch a computer all in one with Remix OS.Continue reading →

April 2016 Lending Highest Since 2008

Latest estimates from the Council of Mortgage lenders reveal that mortgage lending dropped between March and April, and yet it is still at a record high.

April 2016 Lending Highest Since 2008

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During April, gross mortgage lending was recorded at £18.5 billion. This was a drop of almost a third compared to the March figure of £26.2 billion, according to data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders. The council is the UK’s main trade body for mortgage lenders, and more information about it can be found at

Highest for Seven Years

April’s figures, however, show a 16 per cent increase in comparison to April 2015, when the lending reached £16 billion, and it is the highest April lending total experienced since 2008, when the total lent was £25.3 billion.

Economist Mohammad Jamei of the CML predicted that the second quarter of the year would be ‘quieter’ as the market progresses after April’s change to stamp duty.

In recent times, many financial advisers have used their back office systems for IFAs to coordinate appointments with clients who were seeking to consider their options and complete transactions before the stamp duty changes came into effect. This is no longer the case, however, and experts are predicting that advisers will be using systems from companies such as to manage the needs of clients looking at remortgaging, moving or buying for the first time, as buy-to-let investments take something of a back seat for a while.

Mr Jamei said it was likely that buy-to-let would be sidelined over the ensuing ‘few months’ but added that the ‘underlying picture’ was still a positive one, with signs of growth thanks to a market underpinned by strong conditions, such as rising employment and increasing wages. He did admit, however, that June’s EU Referendum could affect activity.

Future Predictions

OneSavings Bank’s John Eastgate, meanwhile, said that market feedback currently suggests that enquiry levels have returned to normal, but he said that this would not be reflected in new lending until the third quarter of the year.

IRESS’ principal mortgage consultant Henry Woodcock said that macro events, including the outcome of the EU referendum, would have an impact on lending figures in May. He said that lenders could choose to increase long-term deal numbers of up to four decades in a bid to tempt borrowers who would find shorter-term loans too expensive.

Xiaomi Max: Survival format phablet coated metal and barely frames

Xiaomi Max

So far this year we have seen that some manufacturers have opted for compact terminals with respect to their predecessors, but that does not mean there is no room for large ones. At least that is warning us Xiaomi especially since a few days ago with teasers smartphone introduced today: the Xiaomi Max.

A new smartphone that is placed on the ground phablet with 6.44 inches as we saw in the latest leaks coming from the certifier Chinese TENAA. What we also saw anticipation is that the Chinese manufacturer bet again for the metal to cover the entire back of this giant.Continue reading →

Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX: That’s ever created more powerful graphics card

Nvidia GeForce

Surely the only segment of the PC world still giving joy to be the manufacturer’s of equipment for players. We are seeing in renovations and emphasis of brands with their products to gamers. And all the components the undisputed queen is the graphics card. Well, we have the most desired: Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX.

The new graphics Nvidia debuts architecture Pascal and passes suddenly to stand as the most powerful market while priced at $ 600, it becomes a safe bet in value within its range. Let’s see what he can do.Continue reading →

The Icon A5 is the amazing seaplane with folding wings we all want to have

The Icon A5

The planes are clear protagonists of integrating new technologies into their designs, but there is a model in this field was particularly awaited by fans of air sports. This is the Icon A5, a monoplane seaplane high wing that has become their first days of production.

One of its most striking features is being able to take off and land both on water and on land, but it adds an interesting design with folding wings and the fact that they say is one of the easiest aircraft to pilot the world.Continue reading →

Print a 3D car and sell it will be possible in 2016, puts Siemens ingredients

Print a 3D car

Print 3D car is something that every day seems closer; at least they want to sell the business people of Siemens and Local Motors. Last year taught us much of its work with a vehicle called LM3D Swim.

With the idea of producing cars faster and achieve lower costs, the two companies try to introduce 3D printing business. They also ensure that your creation system comes with a lower risk of failure, allows greater customization in products and finishes, and is also responsible to the environment (special printing techniques, completely recyclable materials).Continue reading →

LG goes buttons and the fingerprint sensor hides behind the screen

LG fingerprint sensor

No turning back with biometric sensors, will accompany us on mobile devices, in virtually all price levels. Mobile phones are those who have made the most important advance by placing the fingerprint recognition on its surface, but as with everything, there is much room for improvement.

It seems that in operation has reached a very good level in speed and quality, but possibly in design has to give some over the matter. Some manufacturers like to place them in the back of the terminal, others sent to the front in the lower zone, and we have even seen cases where the sensor is on the side of the phone. LG is committed to do practically invisible to our sight and touch.Continue reading →

If you are playing bad ‘Flappy Bird’ is not your fault, but the touch screen

Flappy Bird

How a simple game ‘Flappy Bird’ is, in turn, so complicated? If you only have to press on the screen to make the bird jump at the right time … Well, if it has never given you good this game, you must know that you are not alone and that also could have explanation. According to research by the Aalto University (Finland), there are several factors that play on a touch screen is more difficult than with physical buttons.

Byungjoo Lee, head of research explains that there are three vital differences between the two modes of play. The first is that when you place your finger on the ready to press and blow up the bird (to follow the example of ‘Flappy Bird’) screen, every time you do it at a different distance because your finger does not have a clear reference.Continue reading →