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What Is Instagram Reels and How It Works

Over time, Instagram has been continuously enriched with new interesting functions, which have made this application increasingly popular and used. Initially born only to share photos, Instagram has copied some functions such as the ” stories ” from Snapchat and, as the latest innovation, is now preparing to copy TikTok. This social network is becoming popular among the very young. Continue Reading

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How to hide whatsapp access? Follow theses step by step guideline

Sometimes it happens to argue with some of our telephone contacts, perhaps with a friend, family member, or partner. But even more often, it happens to enter a period in which we simply do not want to let everyone know everything about ourselves, and maybe we want to take a break. Thanks to Whatsapp’s features, everyone is free to protect their privacy in the way they see fit. In this guide, we will find out how to hide WhatsApp last login access.

How to hide WhatsApp access

We are talking about the possibility of making a date and time of our last access to Whatsapp invisible to the eyes of our contacts (or only those whose number we do not have). By activating this function, in the green bar at the top, once our chat is open, the contact can only view the name he has stored in the address book. In this way, we can manage at will what we want or do not want to show others. Thus protecting our privacy.

Hide WhatsApp login on Android

For those with an Android smartphone/tablet, the procedure is as follows.

  • We open the Whatsapp application (from the home screen or the applications menu), then select the options menu that we find at the top right of the chat screen, symbolized by three dots.
  • Now we touch the “Settings” and then “Accounts.” We select “Privacy” and then “Last Access.”
  • A menu with three options will open: “Everyone” is the one that shows access to anyone who has our number; “My contacts” show it only to people whose number we have stored on the phone (so all our Whatsapp contacts). “Nobody” hides it from anyone who has our number.
  • By choosing the second option, our access will only be visible to our Whatsapp contacts. By selecting “None,” access will be hidden from all contacts who will open our chat.

Hide WhatsApp login on iOS

For iPhone or iPad owners, the procedure is very similar. After starting the Whatsapp application, let’s go to the chat screen settings, which are located at the bottom right and are marked with a gear icon. Then select “Account” and then “Privacy” and “Last access.” We choose the option “None,” and we will have finished. Now the contacts will see in the white bar at the top of our chat only our name.

Block a WhatsApp contact

This simple operation is by no means final or binding in any way. If we want to share our last login with our contacts again, we are free to do so. Just do the same procedure but select “All” instead of the other options. In this way, our access will be visible again. We decide on our privacy.

In the case of other problems, Whatsapp also can block one or more contacts to protect its users. To do this, go to the chat of the person concerned, select the three dots at the top right, then “Other,” and finally “Block.”

The blocked contact, in addition to no longer seeing whether we are online or not, will no longer be able to see our last access or send us messages or even call us / video call us.

It is useful to carry out this operation in the case of one or two people to whom we do not want to show our access and with whom we do not wish to have anything to do with. This operation is also reversible. In fact, it is enough to unblock the contact from the list in the previous “Privacy” menu or directly from his chat.

It is interesting to note that in addition to hiding the last access, all these features of Whatsapp also make it possible to make invisible the moment we are “online” on the application.

Hide WhatsApp online activity

The first method we can use consists of activating the offline mode present in all mobile smartphone devices. Once we have positioned ourselves in this state, we will read the messages without being seen and use the App without being online and visible to all. After offline use of WhatsApp, we can reactivate the online function at any time.

Block unwanted contacts

The second method allows us to block unwanted contacts. Although it is an extreme solution, it is certainly very effective since it prevents us from showing the time of our last access and the profile photo and updates. To obtain this result, you must act in sequence by entering the Settings, then Account and Privacy.

Turn off the time and date display

Disabling the display of time and date is another valid method to appear offline on WhatsApp. However, it should be emphasized that we will not even be able to see the date and time corresponding to the last access by doing so. This function can be disabled only for users who are present in our contacts or for none.

Make your profile picture invisible

A method that is also functional to act offline on WhatsApp is to make our profile image invisible; in fact, we can independently decide whether to extend it to everyone or only to those who are not welcome on our application. Also, the various sequential steps or Settings, Accounts and Privacy allow us to optimize the result.

We can also recommend this option to our friends and those who don’t know it and maybe need it. We always decide our privacy, so don’t let yourself be influenced by what others might think.

How to make a bucket in Minecraft

How to make a bucket in Minecraft

Video games have become more than just games. Currently, entire communities have been created, which follow the most popular games. This thanks to the connectivity we currently have with the world around us.

There are many games that we can find available online, each of these with unique characteristics that make them special among the others. Only the most original and best-structured games are the ones that achieve success compared to those that do not.

To our advantage, we can have games in a wide range of categories, this means that there are games for all tastes. One of the most famous categories is action-adventure games.

This includes the multiplayer option, which is very popular with users of all games. With this option, players can connect in real-time regardless of distance and live unique experiences.

What is a bucket for in Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most famous video games in the world, currently, it has more than 112 million players worldwide. It was officially presented in 2009, it is currently available for multiple platforms.

Its popularity is such that it currently has a whole community of players who connect with each other to share their experiences with the game. As the years go by, Minecraft does not lose popularity, this is due to the many updates that the developers implement in the game interface.

Minecraft is characterized by presenting very basic graphics, but don’t be fooled by this, the connection you have with the world that is presented is very broad. As well as, the interaction with various materials with which you can build wonderful things.

Apart from this, it is possible to combine several materials to get objects that will be of great help throughout the game. This is known as Crafting, one of the most basic but essential items in the iron cube game.

This is an object that will be of great help to store those materials that are liquid, such as the case of water. In the same way, lava can be stored, which we can use whenever we want.

As we know one of the most important things in the game is to conserve our life or to stay with the energy bar at the top. With this bucket, we can milk the cows and store the milk and then drink it and recover a little energy.

In this article, we will learn in a simple way which are the steps that we must follow to craft an iron cube in the game Minecraft.

Steps to make an iron bucket, bucket, or bucket in Minecraft

Before creating the iron cube we must be clear that we will need a material, which will be essential to be able to Craft the cube. This material is iron and we will get it in the iron mines.

Once we have the iron we must create iron ingots, with these ingots we will craft the iron cube. Once we have the ingots we must open the materials menu in Minecraft.

There, we will observe the materials that we have available, we must look for the iron ingots and select three ingots, we will drag them to the lower boxes. Next, we must open the work table, we will use it to create the cube.

At the top we will see nine boxes located in the shape of a square, we must take the three ingots from the bottom and take them to these boxes. We will place an ingot in the second box going down to the left.

We will strain the second ingot into the middlebox, located in the bottom row. Finally, we must locate the third ingot. This we will place in the second box going down from the right column, ready in the right box we will observe the cube.

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