how to make boots in minecraft

How To Make Boots In Minecraft?

Among the parts of the armor are the Boots, which not only serve to combine all our armor because we are not talking about fashion, we are talking about Minecraft and the necessary equipment to protect the body of our character. In this article, we will teach you how to make boots in Minecraft? Boots are one of the parts that make up armor. Each part is important, so obtaining the boots is essential. Continue Reading

How to translate text messages on android

How to translate text messages on android?

Technology is making great strides and is in daily use. For example, if we have to translate a text, we no longer have to resort to huge dictionaries. An Android smartphone of any level is enough to obtain a satisfactory translation. There is more than one application on a’ mobile’ and especially for travelers, the most useful is the translator. Just download Google translator for free, drawing it from the store and we will be able to translate any text and into any language in the world. The Android system has a play store complete and simple to use. Here’s how to translate text messages on android. Continue Reading

difference between xbox series s and x

What are the similarities and difference between xbox series s and x

Even the Xbox brand like the PlayStation one is somewhat synonymous with the video game. Although the latest generation of consoles wasn’t exactly happy for Microsoft, especially at launch, the US company strongly believes in video games. It has made massive investments to be competitive in this new generation. With more high-level first-party studios working on the console and with major acquisitions. Continue Reading

How to call back a private number

How to call back a private number?

Not infrequently, it happens to receive anonymous phone calls, in which the sender’s number is private and therefore not traceable. In most of these cases, the spring of wanting to find out who is hiding behind the nickname “unknown,” which appeared on the screen of one’s mobile phone, is triggered. Below we will try to understand How to call back a private number. First of all, to recall a personal number and how to trace it using different methods. Continue Reading