what is a refurbished phone

What is a refurbished phone?

More and more often, surfing the internet reads the words “refurbished device sale.” The latter is a remanufactured device that is put on sale by the company that produced it. After all, the aesthetic and technical problems that users have encountered have been solved. In many cases, the conditions of the two devices, the new one and the refurbished one, are practically identical. Continue Reading

how do i find out if someone is remotely accessing my phone

How do i find out if someone is remotely accessing my phone?

The limits of technology in this modern society can really go anywhere and go further and further by the day. However, these limits are good for increasing the quality of life and speeding up some proceedings, for example, during investigations, etc. However, everything has its pros and cons and therefore, if the process can somehow help us in the same way, it can represent a double-edged sword since it can backfire. The following guide, however, has been written to warn you of certain actions; thanks to it, therefore, we could understand how do I find out if someone is remotely accessing my phone. Continue Reading

best electric knife

The 7 best electric knife of 2021

One way to cut meat, fish, and other foods as if they were butter is to have one of the best electric knives that we show you below. Forget about spending money on expensive knives that will later become dull and useless. Save time and money with these products that we will analyze below. And that later we will tell you some tips on their use and maintenance. Continue Reading

why are nintendo switch games so expensive

Why are Nintendo Switch Games so expensive

Nintendo has been able to build an empire throughout its years that allows it to control its prices so well, that no matter that as the years go by, prices remain in force in the market, so you end up paying the same price as when the game is released a year or two earlier. But in principle, that does not make sense. They are not like the games on the Play or the Xbox that as time passes, their video games and their franchises lose value. What makes Nintendo so special that it allows this? Why are Nintendo switch games so expensive? Read the article to know the answer.

Why are Nintendo switch games so expensive?

why are nintendo switch games so expensive


Like other platforms or consoles that are owned by most studios in the world dedicated to creating video games, Nintendo has always had a more limited quota compared to its competitors, which has created the need for the company to establish strategies that allow the company to continue competing.

The most important strategy carried out by Nintendo has been to establish its video games as exclusive to its consoles, so you will never see that you can natively play its video games on a PC, for example, and if you get the game online, the only way to reproduce it will be using the console that they have created for that particular game.

This leads us to understand that Nintendo games are always in demand in the market. Their price only decreases until the company decides to bring a new generation to the market, so the previous one loses interest. Consequently, players’ lower demand wants to have old games as the new console is coming with new games and new technical features.

This Nintendo can keep its prices stable since the demand for games is constant because its games cannot be played on other platforms and their prices only go down when Nintendo makes the jump to the next generation.

What is the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console developed by Nintendo and launched on the market in 2017. Since then, more and more young people and children have chosen it to entertain themselves, but it is also the adults who are passionate about video games to choose it. It is a valid alternative to the classic consoles that allows us to play wherever we want and even in company. We can use it at home, away from home but also by connecting it to the TV it is, therefore, a much more versatile tool than other consoles that work instead only by connecting them to TVs. Nintendo then made available to us the possibility of customizing it by choosing small permissible changes such as the choice of controllers. We find the controllers available in different colors.

Why choose Nintendo?

The choice to buy a console like Nintendo must be made thinking about your needs. Considering that today we also find the most popular games, you will not have restrictions from that point of view. It is a product suitable for those who need a console to take with them. Many online games allow you to play even with users who have different consoles, so unless particular games are only available on other types of platforms, the advice is to choose the Nintendo Switch. Simple, versatile, fun and comfortable.

The main variant that defines the cost is certainly the chosen model. As you will discover in the next paragraphs, there is a considerable price difference between them. So if you are considering purchasing this product, consider what type of product you want to buy.

How much does the Nintendo Switch cost?

The list price of the Nintendo switch is 369.99 dollars. This is the full-featured console. We find not only the portable mode but also the table mode and the TV mode. We find it compatible with all Nintendo Switch software without exception. We are equipped with two controllers called Joy-Con that we can use both attached to the console and separated from it. They are removable and detachable. This allows us to change them as well as we like. We then find the base for Nintendo Switch, thanks to which we can connect our console to our TV. It has a 6.3-inch screen and a weight of about 297 grams. The battery has a variable duration from 4 to 9 hours, also depending on the type of game we want to use.

The second model of Nintendo Switch we meet is called Nintendo Switch Lite. Its list cost is 219.99 dollars. We find it available in different shades of monotonous color. It is designed for those who only want to take advantage of the portable game mode. Unlike the previous one, it cannot be used in TV or Table mode and is not compatible with all Nintendo Switch software. It has no controller because it is a single block. They are, in fact, integrated. Its screen is 5.5 inches and weighs around 275 grams. The battery has a variable duration between 3 and 7 hours, depending on the game we are using.

imac won't turn on

How to fix imac won’t turn on?

MacBook is the Mac laptop and has several versions MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook rarely during the life of the MacBook can cause some problem and one of the most serious is that it does not start. In the event that the imac won’t turn on, you must follow the following steps before taking it to an official workshop to help you fix it.

Why imac won’t turn on?

imac won't turn on


Check that the power adapter is connected to the MacBook and to an electrical outlet. Use only the 60W MagSafe power adapter supplied with your MacBook Pro.

If the power adapter stops charging the battery and the MagSafe connector light does not come on when connecting the power cord, unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet and plug it in again, or try plugging it into another outlet current.

If the previous two steps did not start the MacBook, check if the battery needs to be recharged. Press the small button on the left side of the computer. You will see one to eight indicator lights showing the charge level. If only one indicator is lit, plug in the power adapter to charge the MacBook’s battery to get it to start.
If the startup problem persists, close all open documents and exit all applications. Return the computer to the initial state or factory state (but keeping its files) by pressing the left Shift key, the left key (alt), the left control key, and the power button (0) simultaneously for five seconds until the restart the MacBook computer.
If you recently installed additional memory, make sure that it has been installed correctly and that it is compatible with your computer. Check if the computer boots after removing the installed memory and reinstalling the old one

Press the power button (®) and immediately then hold down the Command (x), Option, P and R keys simultaneously until you hear the start-up sound a second time to reset the Parameter RAM (PRAM).

If you still can’t start your MacBook, see “More information, service, and support where I buy my MacBook.
Take the time to do each of these steps and try to start up your MacBook.If your screen goes black or your MacBook Pro freezes, try restarting your MacBook.hope, you have solved imac won’t turn on issue.

connect alexa to tv

How to connect alexa to tv with voice command? The easiest method

Alexa is the voice assistant created by Amazon, capable of offering a strong ecosystem behind it. Today we are talking about how to connect Alexa to TV to control it with your voice. If you have a smartTV compatible with voice assistants, usually the association between them and our Alexa device is very simple but varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

How to connect Alexa to the TV

If your TV is compatible with Alexa, you need to use the Samsung Smart Things app (available for Android and iOS ) to connect. The handy app allows you to create a free account with which to control your television. Once you have the account, you can set it up on Alexa. To do this, you need to:

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app (available for Android and iOS );
  • Press the menu button (it is at the bottom right of the interface, three parallel white segments characterize it);
  • Then choose the item” Skills and Games “;
  • Inside the screen, press the magnifying glass icon at the top;
  • Then search for the “Samsung SmartThings” skill, select it and press the “Enable use “button;
  • Then log in with your Samsung account and confirm.
  • At this point, you can switch to enabling the TV again in the Alexa app. To do this, you will have to go back to the menu and select the item” Add device,” then select “TV,” and finally, “Samsung. ” The procedure is guided. At the end you can give commands directly to your TV.

How to connect Alexa to Sony TV

Bravia models enabled for voice control compatible with Alexa (here is an official list) have a special app available. To reach it, make sure your TV is connected to the Internet, then from the remote control, press the “Home” button and reach the “App” section. Then select the “Configuring TV control with Amazon Alexa” icon. Follow the procedure and select your Google account associated with the TV during the first configuration. Then give the TV a name that is easy to pronounce and press the “Finish” button.

We can follow the first 5 points of the previous paragraph and, at the time of the search, enter “Sony’s Android TV.” Once identified, click on “Enable use “. The configuration will start, which is simple and guided. You simply need to enter the Google account associated with the TV.

How to connect Alexa to LG TV

The procedure on LG smart TVs is slightly more complex and is only available on models with at least the WebOS 4.5 operating system version, starting with the UM7100 series. Alexa works only with the remote pointer control with a microphone. If you want to use the function, you will have to buy it.

With the remote in hand, long press on the “Prime Video “button, do not release it until the automatic installation of the Alexa app begins. When the installation is complete, a screen will open with a code, which must be entered on the following page after logging in with your account.

Then tap to configure the TV to control by voice, just:

  • Press the button with the gear icon on the remote control;
  • In the “Settings, “go to “Connection” then on “Connection to voice control devices”;
  • Then select the Amazon Alexa item;
  • The procedure will continue allowing you to enter your Amazon account;
  • Finally, you will be asked to indicate a name with which the TV will be called and the procedure can be concluded.

If you want to control the TV via the Alexa app or an Echo device (connected to the same WiFi network as the TV), follow the 5 points in the paragraph dedicated to Samsung TVs. This time, install the “LG SmartThinQ” Skill and follow the indicated procedure.

How to connect Alexa to Panasonic, Hisense and TCL TV

For these televisions, the procedure is standard. You have to download the respective apps to associate your television and register your account. Then you can download the appropriate Skill on Alexa and connect the device by logging in with the registered account credentials.

If your TV is not compatible, don’t worry, there are other ways to configure your TV to interact with Alexa as explained in the next paragraph.

How to connect a non-Alexa certified TV

In this circumstance, you can use a Fire Stick TV or a smart HUB IR. The Fire TV Stick is a handy HDMI dongle (it’s nothing more than an adapter that connects to the HDMI port) that allows you to make a classic TV smart (we have already talked about it in this article ).

While a smart HUB IR is a device that emits an infrared signal like a universal remote control. We can control this through an Echo Alexa device, TV, air conditioners, decoder, stereo and everything that works through a classic infrared remote control.

Alexa commands are dedicated to controlling the TV and playback

After having configured your SmartTV or installed a Smart HUB IR, you can use the following commands:

Alexa, turn on / off (TV name);
Alexa, put the channel number (for example 222) on (TV name, to indicate on which TV if you have configured more than one);
Alexa, go to the next channel;
Alexa, previous/next channel;
Alexa, turn the volume up / down on (TV name);
Alexa, mute/unmute audio on (TV name);
Alexa mutes (TV name);
Alexa, turn on / off (TV name).

how to make your home workplace ergonomic

Buying guide on how to make your home workplace ergonomic

On paper, to work at home we can manage with a computer and an internet connection. But the practice reveals an uncomfortable reality: that of spending eight hours in bad posture. In this sense, it is necessary to design an area to turn it into our workspace, respect breaks, stretch, and maintain a neutral posture.

Here you can find a large number of shopping guides for teleworking, but this one is different: it is an ergonomics and postural configuration guide for your workplace.

For the preparation of this ergonomics and postural configuration guide, we have consulted the physiotherapist specializing in posturology and ergonomics specialist.

A chair for work: the more adjustable, the better

The starting point is that we are not all the same. The specialist explains that “Each person, due to a series of different factors, has their unique posture. Some have a flat back, a hunched back, or a combination of both and consequently a different head position. There are taller and shorter, leaner, and bigger. ”

posture in front of the computer

In this sense, there is no universal chair, so when choosing a chair to work with, the most important thing is that it is adaptable.

At the ergonomic level, a work chair must meet the following criteria:

  • With wheels, to facilitate movements along with the office table, so that forced positions are avoided when moving it.
  • That it is adjustable in height so that the feet are completely supported on the floor and the hips are slightly above the knee, at an angle of 90º – 90º. The objective? That the pelvis is as neutral as possible.
  • With armrests and that these are adjustable in height, thus avoiding forced positions so that the shoulders do not rise beyond their usual position.
  • With or without lumbar support? The specialist recommends a slight prominence that allows this support but allows adjustment in anteroposterior inclination.
  • That the seat depth is adjustable
  • The seat must be stable, without leaning from one side to the other according to our body weight, since we all tend to lean more to one side or the other and this type of seat could cause back pain by generating scoliotic positions.
  • That the fabric of the chair is breathable, hypoallergenic, and does not slip.

Some employer insists that “if we are going to spend 8 hours in the office sitting down, it is best to get up and stretch (neck, back, arms and legs) at least every 2 hours to avoid numbness in the legs due to lack of circulation blood pressure and muscle overload. ”

A work table “at the height” of your chair

Since we are not all the same, ergonomically the most important thing when choosing a table to work with is that it is adaptable in height.

We are not all the same height, so many times we find ourselves in situations in which the chair collides with the edge of the table, which prevents us from placing ourselves at an adequate distance from the computer screen. As a specialist explains:

“I think it is important to first find a table that fits the chair we have at home. That is, we must position the chair properly, and from there take measures so that the table does not give us problems.”

In the previous point we reviewed the ideal posture in a work chair:

  • With the knee angle at 90 degrees, so that the heel is just below the knee.
  • With the chair at a height that allows our knee to be in line with our hips or the hips to be slightly above the knee. In this way, we will avoid muscular tensions modifying the position of the pelvis.
  • If you have adjustable armrests, it is advisable to position them so that the shoulders do not rise beyond their usual position.

After placing the chair in this position, we will look for a table in which the height allows the armrests to enter without problem under the table so that we place ourselves at a good distance from the computer screen.

Another design feature that has an impact on ergonomics is that they have a curvature on the edge from which we access so that the impact is softened by friction and wrist and forearm support.

From here, look for a table that fits in your workspace and allows you to place your equipment without narrowing. It is not ergonomics, but it will visually relieve you that it has cable trays and items to store your things such as shelves, drawers, or compartments.

A comfortable monitor for your eyes and your posture

The specialist begins with a recommendation for those whose work computer is a laptop: “The screens of these devices eventually end up causing many cervical problems by keeping the head in an inappropriate position for many hours a day.” So if this is your case, better bet on an external monitor for productivity.

What to take into account when buying a monitor in ergonomics? On the one hand, if we are already well-positioned in the chair and with the table at the appropriate height, the screen must have an adjustable base so that our eyes are in the middle of the screen.

And if the monitor convinces us but it is not adjustable, we can always buy a base or place it on a VESA mount, two solutions that also provide us with extra space to keep our office supplies in order.

The approximate distance between your eyes and the monitor is at least half a meter, about an arm’s length away. Although yes, the bigger the screen, you can put it further away.

The monitor must be placed at eye level, with a slight upward tilt of 10 – 20 degrees so that the distance from the panel to our eyeballs is approximately the same.

Regarding its characteristics, the quality of the screen and the brightness should allow you to see the content without problems without having to strain your eyes or bring your head closer to the screen.

In this usage scenario, it is advisable to opt for monitors with IPS or VA panels over TN due to their characteristics. Without going into details, IPS offers us better color, better viewing angles, and slower response time. And VA offers us a higher native contrast ratio. Both options are good for productivity, but most manufacturers opt for IPS

The size will depend on the resolution, a key factor if we work with high volumes of information. If our budget is tight, the 24-inch Full HD offers good performance. For a little more, we can aspire to 27 inches and QHD resolutions. Starting at 32 inches, better go to 4K monitors.

What if I need more than one monitor? Here it depends on several factors. If the two are to be used at the same time with the same frequency, they must be placed next to each other so that they visually meet. In this sense, consider an ultrawide monitor and curved screens, to maximize ergonomics. If not, it will depend on how much you use one or the other and which eye is dominant.

A mouse to take care of the doll

The specialist explains that the most important thing in choosing a mouse from ergonomics is “the angle of wrist extension that it generates. Wrist extension puts the nerves of the carpal tunnel in a stretching position, especially to the median nerve, causing carpal tunnel syndrome and elbow problems such as epicondylitis or tennis elbow. ”

A mouse to take care of the doll

Thus, the idea is to look for mice that hardly generate wrist extensions, such as small bulky mice or vertical mice.

In a simplified way, vertical mice are those in which the hand is placed in a position to shake hands to say hello. The employer’s words, “they generate slight supination of the forearm, which would also prevent the median nerve from also suffering from compression against the table.”

Another option to minimize wrist movement is trackball-type mice. Although they can be horizontal – with a usual hand – wrist posture – the mouse itself remains stationary, having to move the ball to control the movement of the cursor. They also require less space. There are also mice shaped like a pen – eye, not stylus -, which considerably reduces wrist movements.

From here, we will look at other general characteristics for productivity, such as whether it is wired or wireless, the layout of the buttons, and if they are programmable their sensitivity and precision.

A keyboard that keeps us in a natural posture

When we type on a keyboard we make a series of unnatural movements. First, we position the forearms so that they are almost horizontal and parallel to the keyboard, bending the wrists up to reach the keys. And if the keyboard is wide, we will also turn this joint to reach all of them. Even the default position involves flexing the muscles in your shoulders and back. Ergonomically designed keyboards seek to minimize these twists and turns.

The wrist extension that was a concern when choosing a mouse and that causes carpal tunnel syndrome is once again appearing with keyboards. In this sense, the specialist recommends that they below in height to minimize their impact.

On the other hand, there are some keyboards with a rounded shape that allow the keys to be oriented slightly diagonally, in line with the forearms, reducing repetitive wrist movements when typing.

However, the main criterion to be followed should be the wrist angle and verify that during typing there is no compression at the level of the carpal tunnel.

There are unibody models and others divided into two pieces. The former is usually more affordable and require a shorter learning curve. However, the divided ones allow more customization. And this has its advantages.

An ergonomically ideal keyboard places all keys within fingertips without straining your fingers, bending your wrists, twisting your arms, or curving your shoulder blades. Since we are all different, with split keyboards, you can control the width and shape of the keyboard. If you frequently use the “far” number pad and have experienced discomfort, you may also be interested in purchasing it separately.

It is common for keyboards seeking greater ergonomics to include a wrist rest to keep the wrists and forearms less forced and in a comfortable position, something especially important if we are going to type for a long period.

Some ergonomic keyboards set the keys at different depths to accommodate the lengths of your fingers. Others go a step further and redistribute the keys. Although, usually, they follow the QWERTY layout, frequently used keys such as Control, Alt, or Windows / Mac vary their position.

Tenda Nova MW3

Tenda Nova MW3: The Economic and Complete WiFi Mesh system

There are several devices on the market to increase the coverage of the WiFi signal, but those equipped with WiFi Mesh technology certainly have an edge. Tenda Nova MW3 is a dual band WiFi system, equipped with three satellites capable of guaranteeing signal coverage of up to 300 m2. The installation of the device is very simple and allows to have a single SSID with a stable and constant connection throughout the house, avoiding the interruption points from one transmitter to another. Read our review to find out all about Nova MW3 Tent. Continue Reading