These self-contained modules will be part of the new and futuristic public transportation in Singapore


We are facing important moments in the world of technology – based vehicles autonomous driving , which for years looked more like a futuristic project has gradually taken shape to become a reality, we’ve seen a lot of developments that seek to implement the use of autonomous vehicles to improve roads in troubled cities and Singapore today adds to the list.

The Dutch company 2getthere, module manufacturer autonomous transport, has made an alliance with SMRT, the second largest public transport company in Singapore, and together have announced that by the end of this 2016 debut the use of these new and futuristic vehicles, which They seek to replace part of public transport in the city.Continue reading →

Intel processors, smartphones and glass balls

Intel processors

If anyone has read ‘The Intel Trinity’ will know by heart the story of the eight traitors and how that event led to the gestation of the company that dominated the semiconductor company for the next five decades. In that story, as in many others, there is a good (Bob Noyce), ugly (Gordon Moore) and bad (Andy Grove), and the funny thing is that only one of them, “ugly”, I could see really future. And that future was in microprocessors.

That was in the early 70. After several years growing thanks to them, the memories business was no longer profitable, so Grove decided to go for a segment to which almost no one paid attention. Microprocessors, he said, could be the future. He was right, of course, and that led Intel to lead a market that would escape 20 years later. Otellini was at a crossroads similar ways, but confided. Mobile devices were not competitive, he thought. That decision has cost a lot to this company. Among other things, has just announced the dismissal of 12,000 employees over the next 12 months.Continue reading →

Does it make sense Kindle Oasis so expensive? We review the evolution of Amazon readers

Kindle Oasis

I cannot consider me a heavy user of e-book readers, but I have spent a lot of content on the Kindle cheaper and I know for a fact that what it offers is very good for its price. It is a hallmark in the gadgets they do on Amazon. It seems clear that even in this niche need to know to offer different steps of quality and services, but the emergence of Kindle Oasis has created considerable controversy, not the product itself, rather its starting price.

When it comes to the cost of a thing, we can approach the amount thinking that it is a vital tool, and therefore it is justified to almost anything. But we can also compare what they already have in our catalog, and more importantly, what they offer other brands and products, and that is when the price of Oasis may seem absurd. In short, the price of things can become quite subjective.

We eight generations contemplating updates Kindle reader and we cannot deny that evolution has always been positive, adapting to what the market needed, while sticking a little jump at what competitors were placing on the market.Continue reading →

Kindle Oasis: New design and screen for the best eBook reader

Kindle Oasis

Amazon just introduced a new Kindle and before you take the hands to the head by design, very different from what we were used, we warn that in fact, developments are more important inside, getting on paper, the best Kindle history and also the most expensive.

The Kindle Oasis opens brighter screen, a curious case with integrated battery and renews the design with a different and more convenient format for reading while its weight and size is reduced.Continue reading →

Facebook Live want to broadcast live video from any device … even drones

Facebook Live

Be a drone, a mobile phone or any device with a camera and Internet connectivity: Facebook wants your videos and want already. That is the best summary of the bet by the video that Mark Zuckerberg presented today at the F8 developer conference Internet giant.

A few days ago we warned that Facebook seriously put on the live video and wanted Facebook Live compete one on one with Periscope and other dedicated solutions to streaming video in real time.Continue reading →

I-1, the camera will bring back the glory retro Polaroid


They say nostalgia sells, and certainly so, there is a large market of people who are dedicated to finding retro objects from typewriters, televisions, phones, game consoles, to toys and of course cameras, either because about collectors, or simply because everything retro has always been there and always will be people who want to consume.

One of the most striking examples is The Impossible Project, an initiative that began in 2008 at the hands of a former employee of Polaroid and the director of the Lomographic Society International, who got money from private investors to acquire the latest factory, which was to close, film for Polaroid cameras. The success of the sale of film led to rethink the business and sought to create a camera that had that old magic of snapshots, which is now a reality which is called I-1.Continue reading →

Methods of processing credit card review

Running a business requires the ability to process credit cards. Without it, many of your customers will not make critical purchasing decisions. However, credit card processing can be confusing to the uninitiated. There are several ways through which the processing is performed. The choice of method that makes sense for your business is largely a matter of understanding how each practice. Below we give you an overview of the many methods available for you to process credit card transactions.Continue reading →

Biological Batteries? These bacteria can create based on renewable energy a world

Biological Batteries

It seems that this is not the year of Linux on the desktop, but it may be the year of renewables in our outlets. We have tried many things, but the current technology still makes it difficult to get that energy is one hundred percent green in most countries.

A Dutch research group recently announced in Environmental Science & Technology Letters that have developed the first one based on bacteria rechargeable battery. Yes, in bacteria. It sounds weird but the future of renewable energies can depend on them.Continue reading →