Why cloud storage innovation makes so much success!

cloud storage

Cloud storage innovation and why it is so successful!

Cloud storage innovation has come to make day-to-day businesses, software developers and users much safer and easier. It is a technology differentiated and long awaited by all who have had some problem with the inadequate storage of information, because, Cloud Computing allows the storage of all information of the company or even personal information, as well as systems and software, in the cloud, that is, on the internet.

The idea of applications, files and data, no longer need to be installed or stored directly on the user’s computer, or even the data server of your company, created the concept Cloud Computing, which calls the idea of making it available in the cloud, or be it on the internet. In this way, the Cloud enables security in the storage of information, as well as the integrity and availability of information.

The cloud storage service, which features One Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, is a great success.

What is cloud storage innovation?

Technology Cloud Computing it is exactly the storage and cloud processing information (i.e. on servers available on the Internet), allowing everyone to access information available there, regardless of where these people are.

In addition, Cloud has features that allow an effective management of this information, thus allowing a more reliable version control than it has when physically storing the information, and also allows a greater availability of this information, since a connection with the internet, and access permission to access them.

Two very important points in the use of this technology are the reduction of the cost of maintenance of the IT infrastructure of the companies, as well as the increase of security due to the decentralization of the data. In this way, the data is immune to localized problems such as fires, floods and other disasters that may occur.

cloud storage

The uses of this technology

It can be used by both businesses and home and personal use (such as Microsoft OneDrive technologies, Google Drive, which provides a virtual storage space for those who have their email accounts), cloud storage innovation  and also information processing,  came to stay. Everyone who uses it proves how much safer and more feasible to keep data stored on virtual servers, rather than on local, physical stores.

Today there are several companies that offer access to their software through access to them in the cloud, and it is the responsibility of these companies to manage all the tasks of development, backup, storage, updates, etc., of these software. The user does not have to worry about any of this, as happens when the software is installed directly on your computer.

Microsoft applying cloud innovation

An example of such a system is Microsoft Office 365, which allows access to all Office resources through online access to the tool, with the customer having a Microsoft account to access the service, paying a monthly subscription for that access. And so, no installation on the user’s computer is needed anymore.

One of the biggest advantages of this innovation is the better use of the machine’s hardware capacity, because as the used part of the processing stays in the cloud, the machine is free, requiring only a browser and internet connection.

In addition, the concept of Computing Cloud aims to make possible the greatest possible accessibility of your stored data, making it available on all your devices that have internet access, such as a computer, tablet, notebook and even smartphone; keeping the information always synchronized and updated between all these devices.

New in security

Another great and important innovation of the Cloud is the availability of the antivirus in the cloud. This facility has conquered many companies, and promises a new concept of information security for companies and even for personal computers.

Mobile devices are the main beneficiaries of the cloud storage service because they have low local storage capacity

Is cloud antivirus worth it?

The antivirus in the cloud allows the computer to be free of the processing overhead of an antivirus installed on the machine because the antivirus is stored in the cloud itself and runs only one client on the machine, which connects to the cloud-based antivirus system.

Thus, the data obtained from the anti-virus checks and instructions for the countermeasures are sent automatically and immediately from the ISP to the analyzed machines.

Thus, in addition to the gain in processing due to the machines no longer need to run the antivirus periodically, and also, seek daily updates on the internet; the cloud antivirus ensures more efficiency and agility in controlling malicious items because both black and white threat lists are updated in real time. One more advantage that cloud storage innovation brings us.

Why bet on cloud storage?

This technology replaces physical storage, usually done on external hard drives, flash drives, CDs, and even data servers.

This is why many companies have adhered to this technology because of the cost savings both in having to maintain physical stores and their backups, in addition to running the risk of losing this information due to the degradation of storage media or even media loss or damages occurring in it.

cloud storage

Cloud computing has had a very attractive rate of return, though it generally offers free storage

And between the years 2020 and 2025, 50% of the entire volume of data on the planet will be in the cloud, according to research firm IDC.

More benefits

In addition to this greater security in storing the data, Cloud Computing enables multiple people to have access to the same information in the cloud, enabling greater efficiency in making this data available.

This is because producing information is the main activity of many companies, but in addition to generating that information, storing it properly, and keeping it available for access whenever needed, are extremely important issues as well.

After all, the availability and integrity of the information is essential, since every company that is efficient in its processes, seeks to ensure that its data is intact, available and secure. And remembering that cloud backup can save a company, as cyber-attacks are unfortunately common, demonstrating how fragile the storage of data is in many institutions.

The backup in the cloud, provides much more security than the physical storage, which is why, to acquire this service has been a strong trend.

Cloud technology enables new business models

Ten years ago, few people imagined that employees could work remotely or that an entire business infrastructure could exist on the Internet. With the adoption of cloud computing, a service that allows businesses to access data processing and storage over the internet, these business models are becoming a reality.

Today, small businesses can take advantage of the same computing power that large companies use without paying for the entire infrastructure. Companies cloud, like Amazon, Google and Microsoft, sell computing power incrementally.

Companies are rapidly embedding cloud solutions. In 2016, Amazon earned more than $ 2.5 billion, only in the Web division. But that revenue is distributed among a huge number of companies.

A smaller company may have a smaller share of the power of cloud computing, leveraging just what it needs to run its business.

Remote workforce

Although remote work seems to be a great advantage to employees, it is also an advantage for businesses and clients. In a company that operates globally, customer champion employees are present in most time zones.

Customers can contact at any time to seek an answer to urgent questions on any subject. A motivated and well-willed employee will be available to assist at any time.

The business itself can also save money through a fully distributed workforce. Although a well-assembled company provides a remote workstation for each employee, it does not need to provide office space.

When the company increases the staff, instead of looking for a larger office, just contact your hosting provider in the cloud and update their services.

cloud storage

Best use of it staff

For years and years, the IT team focused on the endless cycle of buying computers at the right time and the right budget. Now with cloud computing, virtually any device can work.

Employees can usually connect directly through their mobile phones. Older computers and phones purchased by employees can connect to cloud services.

This new business model allows IT staff to focus on other tasks than to monitor the computers in an office.

You end up using the resources you previously spent on having a super-valued IT team, ensuring that a smaller group of people work focused on the things that are most important to your business growth.

Integrated and automated processes

The idea is to create processes and systems that allow computers to do what they are best at doing, and for humans to do what they are best at doing.

The great power of cloud technology is attained, when cloud services can integrate with each other through the cloud itself. This generates as much automation as possible, and the different branches of the business are no longer isolated.

An accounting transaction in QuickBooks can be automatically registered in a CRM software to track purchases on behalf of the Marketing Department. These actions used to be tedious tasks for a human to complete.

Instead, these cloud services can now be integrated into an ongoing automated process.

You choose and implement your own template

The cloud technology provides a simple solution – access to more processing power and data storage. However, companies take advantage of this access in different ways.

Some may decide to build their entire office in the cloud. Others prefer to have a partial use of cloud services. The cloud also creates a central hub for software as a service, which means companies can integrate their software and automate processes (while being able to access those tools from anywhere).

The choice of model adopted depends entirely on the company itself, and now we are just beginning to explore all its potentialities.

Know more!

There is no doubt that the internet has come to transform our daily lives. From the simplest activities, to the big changes in our way of generating and maintaining information, the internet brings surprising innovations.

Cloud usage has proven to be the best solution in data storage, both to reduce business costs and to avoid possible information loss, which can cause huge losses.