Wondershare Data Recovery, the best tool to recover data in Windows

Wondershare Data Recovery

Recover data lost in Windows from hard drives, SSD drives and removable drives: Here’s how to do with Wondershare Data Recovery.

An effective backup policy, perhaps focused on the use of RAID technology on workstations and on the use of one or more NAS servers, helps to prevent data loss.

There are situations, however, where it is necessary to resort to a solution to recover data deleted due to human error or hardware / software problem.

Among the best tools to recover data in Windows there is Wondershare Data Recovery, an extremely versatile application that offers four different ways to restore lost data : a wizard ( wizard) which helps the user to select the best approach, one that allows the recovery of files with their original name (both in the case of deleted elements and partitions and formatted drives), a third to recover files from removed partitions, lost, damaged or resized (Wondershare Data Recovery supports NTFS / FAT 16 / FAT 32 / exFAT file systems) and, finally, another that allows you to restore data from RAW partitions.

When, for any reason, the file system turns out to be corrupt, it will not be possible to rely on it to recover the deleted elements by reading their corresponding characteristics and the positions in which they are stored.

Wondershare Data Recovery

In this case, the recovery of data in RAW format (raw) by Wondershare Data Recovery helps to get back to get their hands on items that otherwise would not be recoverable.

As with any other professional data recovery software, scans with Data Recovery can take a long time to complete.

The program offers the possibility of pausing the analysis and possibly resuming it later.

Recover data in Windows with Wondershare Data Recovery

Just started, by default, Wondershare Data Recovery presents the data recovery wizard.

By answering a couple of simple questions, you can start the most suitable recovery procedure for the files you are interested in.

The next step is to indicate the location of memory that Data Recovery must analyze: you can specify a specific folder or drive (even removable), request a scan of the entire device or indicate that you cannot find the partitions anymore that kept the data.

The program therefore offers the possibility to perform a deep scan, very useful to recover data – for example – from already reformatted partitions.

By checking the Allow RAW files recovery box, Data Recovery also activates to try to restore raw data.

This type of approach is decisive when the file system, as explained above, is damaged and there is no possibility to trace information on each element stored in the storage unit.

With the recovery of data in RAW format, Data Recovery cannot go back to the original name of the files but you will have the possibility to restore information that was believed to be lost forever.

For each file, whether it is recovered with a standard approach or with RAW scanning, Data Recovery will preview it so as to allow the user to concentrate the restoration only on the elements of interest.

Wondershare Data Recovery

Besides the wizard: Recover files and Partitions

When the main Data Recovery screen appears, clicking on Standard mode, you can immediately access the recovery of lost files, partitions and restore data in RAW format; a fourth button allows you to recover a previous scan task.

Depending on the type of scan chosen, Data Recovery asks in which folders, partitions or units to concentrate the exam; on which disk or SSD drive the partitions have been lost; on which unit to start the RAW analysis.

The advantage of Wondershare Data Recovery is that the program proves particularly good at recovering data from flash drives. For example, the

function Flash Data Recovery allows you to restore files previously contained in a USB drive that Windows now always asks to format, no longer recognizing the file system used in it . In these situations, a RAW scan combined with a deep analysis of the unit (Allow deep scan eAllow the recovery of RAW files) often allows to bring back their files.

With a click on the Recover button, at the bottom right, you can start restoring the selected files and folders. Data Recovery requires the memory location where you want to save the recovered files and, where possible, restore all the elements with the original name and structure (also keeping the subdivision into folders and subfolders).

Wondershare Data Recovery allows you to recover dozens of different file types. With the wizard, you can limit yourself to request the recovery of a specific type (photos and graphics files, audio / MP3, video, Office documents, e-mails) or choose All file types.

In the standard procedure, Data Recovery searches for – by default – any kind of file.

In the trial version, the software allows you to recover for free up to 100 MB but offers the possibility to check without limitations the features of the program and to check which files can be restored.

We therefore suggest that you download the latest version of Data Recovery from the box below and install it immediately to understand which files you can recover.

The advice is however always to disconnect the storage unit that housed the lost files and connect it with another machine.