most used emojis

The 10 most used emojis on mobile phones

By now, smartphones are something that goes well beyond the concept of communication, have become all pcs effects. On the various chats, moreover, now with friends and relatives, we communicate more through emojis than with words. For those few who don’t know, emojis are those “smilies” that are available in our chats. There are hundreds of them, but many of us almost always use the same ones. In this guide, we will look at the 10 most used emojis on mobile phones. Continue Reading

how to upload a gif to facebook

How to upload a gif to facebook

Uploading a GIF to Facebook is as simple as uploading the content to the social network section where you want to share it. You can do it in comments, announcements, and even in your own story within the platform. Now, for this to have movement, you must download the appropriate file from the web. For this, you have different sites on the Internet at your disposal, in addition to the Google search engine. Continue Reading

instagram reels

What Is Instagram Reels and How It Works

Over time, Instagram has been continuously enriched with new interesting functions, which have made this application increasingly popular and used. Initially born only to share photos, Instagram has copied some functions such as the ” stories ” from Snapchat and, as the latest innovation, is now preparing to copy TikTok. This social network is becoming popular among the very young. Continue Reading

how to make facebook avatar

How to make Facebook avatar? Quick steps

Those who do not want to use their photo to use as their profile picture can certainly use an avatar.
An avatar is a virtual representation of us, usually comic and funny. Facebook has also added the possibility for each user of the social network to create an avatar and use it for the profile image and have pleasant stickers custom to use in post comments and chats with your friends. In this article, we will see how to make facebook avatar, change an avatar that has already been created, and use it both on Facebook and other chats.

How to make Facebook avatar?

It is not yet possible to create your own avatar on the desktop version, but you can do it simply using the Facebook application on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad). If you don’t have the Facebook app, you can download it for free from the Play Store and the App Store. So to create your avatar just:

  • Open the Facebook app and log in with your credentials (username and password);
  • Then press the menu button at the top right (three superimposed lines characterize it);
  • Press the other button and then on the item ” Avatars. “
  • At this point, you will be faced with the procedure for creating the avatar. It is really intuitive. To do a good job and achieve a result that really resembles you, you can press the mirror function icon. It is located at the top right of the interface and will bring up your image taken via your device’s front camera. So you can choose from among the many options available those that best represent you.

It is spoiled for choice. You can customize every part of the avatar, from the skin color to the hair, through the shape of the eyes, to the build, and finally to the clothing. When you are satisfied with your avatar, you can save the result by pressing the V-shaped button at the app interface’s top right.

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After creating and saving it, you can have a complete preview, here we can decide to return to the editing mode by pressing the button with the pencil, or we can see how our avatar will behave in the different stickers. So when he is happy, sad, angry, or smiling. If you want to set your avatar as a profile picture, you can press the appropriate button with the arrow on this screen.

Create an avatar within Messenger

You can also create your own Facebook avatar directly within the Messenger application. After installing the app, available for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad), you need to:

  • Open the app and log in with your credentials;
  • Then open any conversation;
  • In the writing box (and not on the keyboard), press the key with the smiley face;
  • Then instead of choosing a Sticker, press the button characterized by the face with the tongue out;
  • At this point, you will have entered the avatar creation mode;
  • Finally, after waiting for the upload, you can press the blue button ” Create your Avatar. “

Here you can create and save your avatar exactly as we described in the previous paragraph.

How do you use the Facebook avatar?

Once you have saved your avatar, you can use it in Facebook comments and conversations (on each platform also on the site). Doing it is simple. In the text fields, just press the button characterized by a laughing face (which is adds to the buttons that allow access to GIFs and stickers).

To use the new animated stickers based on avatars also on the desktop version of the Facebook site. For example, when you want to comment, just click on the comment box. Then, press the stickers button inside between the categories. You will notice a laughing face that contains new and funny stickers.

How do I edit the avatar?

Obviously, it is possible to change our avatar. Facebook must have thought that if we can change, we must be able to do it too. The edit menu is only available on the Facebook app (for Android or iOS).

To reach the screen, you need to open the app. On the main screen, press the menu icon at the top right (characterized by three lines). Then press on the button ” More ” to show all the options and finally on the item Avatars. Then to move on to the actual modification, press on the button with the marker icon.

Use Facebook avatars on other chats

If you want to use the fun new custom stickers on other chat platforms, you can do it, just:

  • Open the Facebook app on Android or iOS;
  • On the main screen, press the menu icon at the top right (characterized by three lines);
  • Then press on the button ” More ” to show all the options and finally on the item ” Avatars “;
  • Here press on the text of the stickers and then choose one;
  • Finally, press on ” Other options ” you will access the sharing menu and you can send the chosen sticker in the chat we prefer (eg, on WhatsApp).
How to recover deleted YouTube videos

How to recover deleted YouTube videos

Currently, this social network which only specializes in videos is being the most used by absolutely all its users, since, in addition to being just a simple object of fun there are also people who receive monetary income from this social network, these people are known as “Youtubers”, these people are dedicated to making videos which depending on their visits, their number of likes, their sponsors and their advertising, this is how they receive their income, as you can find large amounts and all genres, as well as from a simple funny video to hang out to an informational video that may help you at test time.

However, there are times when we come across that a certain video was deleted, leading to the disappointment of not being able to watch this video anymore, but in this case, I will teach you some techniques with which you can recover certain videos and continue watching them, but keep in mind Note that of all the measures that exist to perform this action, not all are fully functional, since some may be paid or simply do not exist.

How to recover deleted YouTube videos from computer

Well as mentioned above, there is no sure method of how to recover a deleted video from YouTube and this is one case, if you have an account in which you uploaded a video and deleted it, you have an opportunity to recover it by sending a help form to YouTube, to do this, all you have to do is follow each of these simple steps:

  • First, you must gather all the necessary information from your video. As well as, for example, the name, its link, and if possible, its number of visits likes, and dislikes.
  • Once all your information has been gathered. You will have to enter the YouTube help site and write all this information
  • Once this is done, you must wait 1 to 2 days for them to respond, if so. You will have your video as it was when you deleted it. But unfortunately, if they do not, there is no other way to recover said video

Also keep in mind that, if you want to recover a video from your channel, you can do it if you previously created a copy of the said video on a local disk or on a cloud disk, but if you did not do any of these 2 steps, unfortunately, it does not exist Another method to recover it, as you cannot recover a video from another channel unless it is downloaded first.

How to recover deleted YouTube videos from Android

Unfortunately on Android mobile devices there is no safe method to recover deleted YouTube videos, however, I will show you a safe way to recover these videos in case you already have them downloaded on your Android device, for this an app called DiskDigger will be used, this app will help you recover your deleted photos and videos which are stored on your Android device, for this you will only have to follow each of these simple steps:

  1. Download and install the app, this app can be found in Google Play, therefore, it is 100% safe and reliable
  2. Once it has been installed, you must open the app
  3. When you are inside, you must select which disk partition you want to scan
  4. Once you have selected the disk partition to scan, you must choose what type of files you want to recover, in this case, you will select the mp4 files (when choosing this file, all the video formats that you have previously had will also be recovered)
  5. Now that you have selected the type of file to recover, you select the scan option
  6. Once it finishes scanning, you will see all the videos that have been recovered
  7. You must select the videos you want to recover
  8. Once the videos are selected, you simply select recover
  9. But first, you must select where you want the recovered videos to be saved, and once the location is selected. There is nothing left but to recover them, and after doing this, you will have your recovered videos.

How to recover deleted YouTube videos on iPhone

Like the previous case, there is no definitive method on how to recover YouTube videos for iPhone devices, just as there is no app in the App Store, which is why you must use a program called Fonlab, This program is compatible with both Windows and Mac and this program will help you recover the videos that you have downloaded, as well as any other type of files, once this is mentioned, to recover your deleted videos, all you have to do is is to follow each of these simple steps:

  1. You must first download and install the program
  2. Once installed, you must run the program
  3. Now that it is running, you must connect your iPhone device to your computer
  4. Once it is connected, just select the option Recover from IOS device
  5. When the option is selected, you must select the option Start analysis
  6. Once the device has been scanned, you will be shown the data that has been recovered to which you will choose the videos option, there will be the videos from your mobile device
  7. Once inside, you must select the videos you want to recover
  8. Now that the videos to be recovered have been selected, you must select the Recover option
  9. Once the option is selected, you must choose a folder in which the recovered videos will be saved
  10. Once the folder is chosen, you will select the Recover option again, and once this is done. You will have your recovered videos

Keep in mind that if you have a YouTube channel you can make use of it as you wish. But likewise, if you delete a video, it cannot be recovered since according to the regulations of the said social network you can only ask for help and fill out the form that is presented to you (this is if in case they answered your request), but in case they did not answer your request because unfortunately there will be no other option but to remake said video and start from scratch.


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Instagram is already the favorite social network for millions of people

The growth of Instagram seems unstoppable, especially among young people who, according to the latest study on the use of social networks, consider it their favorite social network ahead of Facebook. The social network focused on the image has already overcome the barrier of 1,000 million users and more and more users are opting for it to communicate on social networks. Continue Reading

How Important is Social Media

How Important is Social Media?

Long ago, many of you were not aware of the importance of social media. Not even Mark Zuckerberg would have imagined that Facebook, his social media site, would become one of the most active and popular platforms, since he initiated it in February 2004. Similarly, Lucky VIP Casino was launched in November 2016 and today, through social media, there are a lot of players who enjoy playing online slots on the site. Actually, social media has transformed the whole world into a small global village.

With the creation of numerous social media channels, there has been a massive change in the mindset of people across the globe. The most enormous and emphatic impact of social media was extremely noticeable in the general elections of India in 2014. Even the greatest prominent and influential politicians and several leaders across the world could not keep themselves indifferent from the stunning effects of social media mechanism.

So, whether it is Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, Russian President Vladimir Putin, or US President Donald Trump; they are all lively on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Apart from these well-known figures, such as sportsman, celebrities, industrialists and other people of stature, they are also involved in different social media platforms. It is believed that many people incorrectly interpret that social media is only for the teenage group, and for the new generation. The answer is no. It is meant for all, regardless of religion, creed, caste or sex. You only need to be eighteen years or above, to open an account on any social media platform.

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Social Media is one of the most effective and powerful means of communications. It has played a mammoth role in linking the gaps among different people, thus founding a strong connection. Nevertheless, the main buzz developed by social media is that it has been remarkably effective in igniting a spark between users. People can now express their opinions and write comments on countless issues which have brought incredible change.

However, there is one thing that you probably need to consider. That is to always include a photo of you while sharing content on social media. There is a high chance someone will share it on their network, thus increasing your number of followers. This is one of the best ways to make yourself known to the public.

Like it is often said, everything is not really fair. Often, many social media websites have come under an inquiry. The reason is that of the terror and threat, that is looming large worldwide. Some of the negative features are: the creation of fake Twitter or Facebook accounts, hacking the accounts of important organizations or other people’s, and threatening people through social media mediums.

Social Media can be both good or bad. For some people, it can be a blessing in disguise and for others, it can be a sensitive form of networking. There are various social networking sites and digital media, all of which have a unique purpose and characteristic. At the end of the day, you just need to make the right use of it.