Why Big Data is essential for content marketing?

Big Data

With conventional advertising in crisis and the advancement of social networks, companies are realizing the need to invest in content marketing. But there is still something that escapes: the potential of the intertwining of big data, content and design.

The value of these three sectors taken singly is often grasped. But rarely that from their collaboration. Above all it is the narration through original data. In one definition: data-driven content. Some companies have exploited the enormous availability of data to tell (and tell). For example, Jawbone has spread, with text and infographic, the time of awakening and sleep of its users.

Big Data

The data-driven content marketing needs a team organic, which combines the expertise of content producers, graphic designers, marketing experts and SEO. But the returns are positive.


Infographics are very welcome content and shared on social media. And they guarantee a good diffusion, especially if accompanied by the use of appropriate titles and keywords.


Access to the network allows anyone to create content. But emerging from the background buzz with quality and impact products can only increase the value of the brand.


A complete and original data-driven content also leads to being authoritative, becoming not just a publisher but a source of information.

Guide for the future

Big data is not just for use in content, but is a thermometer of your business. To be used to correct mistakes or to persevere in the right direction.


At a time when the crisis of institutions and ease of access push users to seek first-hand information, companies and the way they handle information are at the center of attention. The publication of data within one’s own activity is a positive factor.