Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis: New design and screen for the best eBook reader

Amazon just introduced a new Kindle and before you take the hands to the head by design, very different from what we were used, we warn that in fact, developments are more important inside, getting on paper, the best Kindle history and also the most expensive.

The Kindle Oasis opens brighter screen, a curious case with integrated battery and renews the design with a different and more convenient format for reading while its weight and size is reduced. Continue Reading


I-1, the camera will bring back the glory retro Polaroid

They say nostalgia sells, and certainly so, there is a large market of people who are dedicated to finding retro objects from typewriters, televisions, phones, game consoles, to toys and of course cameras, either because about collectors, or simply because everything retro has always been there and always will be people who want to consume.

One of the most striking examples is The Impossible Project, an initiative that began in 2008 at the hands of a former employee of Polaroid and the director of the Lomographic Society International, who got money from private investors to acquire the latest factory, which was to close, film for Polaroid cameras. The success of the sale of film led to rethink the business and sought to create a camera that had that old magic of snapshots, which is now a reality which is called I-1. Continue Reading

Contact lenses

Contact lenses with built-in camera? At this point the new Samsung patent

Developments that seek to create an evolution in contact lenses are not new, for several years we have seen how the concept of “smart contact lens” has arisen occasionally where Google has introduced a pair of patents and specifications, as other companies such as the case of Microsoft. Visit for more tips.

In most cases, these projects seek to offer improvements in the quality of life of patients with poor visibility, as well as for diabetics or those requiring a constant measurement of a parameter within a treatment, but has now come to Interestingly light a patent speaks of a lens with built-in camera that would be developed by Samsung. Continue Reading

Revl Arc

Revl Arc is the first camera that records 4K video action stabilized, has an integrated gimbals

We think action cameras and we will come to mind GoPro, some model Sony, and many Chinese companies that make products affordable, decent in some cases. Some think that there are ways to improve this complicated market and bring new ideas that can help in the type of use that is given to these cameras; a good example is Revl Arc.

What most often it has done with these cameras? For if they are action, we move a lot with them and stabilization is one of the most important parameters to assess. Almost all major brands do a good job based digital systems, especially highlighting Sony. For what brings under his arm Revl Arc is a system much more complex stabilization and logic says that more cash.

Apart stabilization system, the camera features are very good

The supposed revolution reaches chambers action shaped gimbal motor in the back of the camera. As explained to us, it uses magnetic technology in order to balance the image. Continue Reading

4K security camera

Security cameras become premium: 4K recording with low light, WiFi and more

If something is good at Sony are the cameras and sensors, whenever the company announces one of them, all manufacturers start making plans to add them in their projects. Within the photographic segment, Sony has a wide range of devices for all types of disciplines, uses and users, which sometimes do not receive the same attention as commercial products to the end user, unless it be something spectacular like this case. Continue Reading


OxyLED® T-05 LED Night Light With Sensor

We have tested a very good product, it is the lamp LED OxyLED T-05, and today we are here to share with you our own suggestions.

OxyLed T-05: The LED lamp with sensor

The lamp emits a yellow light with a good intensity that allows you to see the dark for up to a distance of about 5 meters. Via a switch on the bottom you can decide whether to keep the light always on, off or turn it on via the infrared sensor. As each lamp series OxyLed, even the T-05 boasts a double coated tape that allows you to paste the device to a ceiling or a wall. The infrared motion sensor is able to detect both the movement of people that of an animal, by turning on the lamp only in the case where there is enough light to turn it off within 15 seconds. Continue Reading


iHealth has HS5, AM3s Edge and PO3

If you go out often for a run or do sports to keep in shape, the products we want to talk today might attract your attention.

iHealth® HS5 –  Scale  Analysis 9 parameters with technology

Today we will speak of three products, starting from the scale of the future. This is the HS5, a wireless scale that allows you to monitor your weight and display the achievements and then share them with friends, family or your doctor. The product can be used both offline and online, and is able to analyze and show the body mass index, body fat, lean mass, muscle mass, bone mass, body water level, level of visceral fat (abdominal), daily caloric intake. Continue Reading