DJI Mavic Pro: This folding drone is not a toy and fits in a backpack


If we talk about drones, needless presentation DJI, the Chinese company that dominates the market at different levels, especially in the professional field, or with large capacities to record video – DJI Phantom 4. At the same time he is aware that there are lower levels of prices and profits not control, there amok companies like Parrot, or the newcomer GoPro.

A DJI missing models smaller and easier to carry from one place to another, to encourage people to buy and make this bigger market. We could say that Mavic Pro is the element they needed in their catalog because it is a foldable and small unit, which does not lack almost nothing about the technology that has made famous to the Chinese company recording, broadcasting, long range functioning, autonomous modes, etc.

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It says the price is about $999 with the command included, do not have specific dates official output, but we can go teach how the appearance of the drone, and that presumed qualities. For now, say that not missing a camera of 12 megapixels in the nose of the drone.

We are confident that had long been working on this idea, but the fact that Karma has appeared on the market has advanced its release. Mavic Pro opens with a new platform or family in the house of the drones, which will be updated, and special accessories that will be coming.

As for design, you see, it is a four – armed drone, with their propellers. Its lightness allows you to stretch the flight range up to 27 minutes, officers, we know that these numbers change significantly depending on flight conditions, but it seems a pretty good figure.

4K recording

Stopping at the camera, commenting that it is included in a protective casing, which includes the entire module. You can record photos and videos in 3 – axis stabilized, and the gimbal allows vertical movements of 90 degrees. The maximum recording quality is 4K at 30 frames per second, but there is also an interesting 1080p at 120 frames per second. Particularly striking is the minimum focusing distance in a drone, half a meter.

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With mobile or command

How do we turn to Mavic Pro? For directly with the mobile phone, but additionally we have a special remote control – levers – which extends and improves the transmission, in addition to providing encrypted communications. The mobile phone can engage in it, and the reach extends to 7 kilometers.

As for retransmissions, it is possible to send a video signal 1080p live and pass them to services like Facebook Live, Periscope or YouTube. For this you must pull the DJI Go application.

The system of frontal collision of this new dron is based on a network of five image sensors. It is able to detect obstacles that are 15 meters, flying at a speed of 36 kilometers per hour. Additionally, sensors and sensor pointing down height and position.

The most surprising small drone is also collision systems also presents autonomous and intelligent ways we discovered in Phantom 4. lack TapFly, ActiveTrack or the possibility of air selfies with Gesture. There is a new way of tracking pursued the subject downhill, i.e. maintains a constant height.

There are two modes of operation ends; one is the Sport or high speed, where it is possible to fly to Mavic to 64.8 kilometers per hour. The other is the way tripod; it can be moved at low speeds – 3.6 mph – reducing the sensitivity of the controls.

Some interesting details, many of them inherited from other household products:

  • Mavic Pro is set to return to the launch site in case of loss or low battery contact.
  • Precise landing by recording the takeoff point with two stereo cameras and GPS information
  • It supports winds up to 38.5 kilometers per hour
  • Maximum speed of 64.8 kilometers per hour