Valve wants to boost its HTC Vive opening developers 3D tracking technology


Valve decided to open its Steam Controller under Creative Commons for anyone with a 3D printer can customize and create housings for it. It was a measure welcomed by the community, and this week has decided to make a resemblance to one of the functions of virtual reality system movement Vive VR.

Specifically it has done with its 3D tracking technology, which has enabled the web SteamVR Tracking so that any company can use it without having to pay any license. This means that any developer can include your position and orientation sensors in devices of all kinds; helping Valve technology is positioned to become a long – term standard for virtual reality.

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In search of a standard for virtual reality

The tracking system is released by Valve with the Vive VR are able to position themselves and know in real time what their exact position in the room in which they are being used. It is therefore a necessity for the development of any type of device and application virtual reality technology.

With this move not only expects Valve position as standard technology, but also has to get a new batch of developers bet on the device created in conjunction with HTC. In turn, this would allow third parties to develop their own custom motion controllers for the device, which would make it more attractive to the consumer.

Valve is also offering a development kit consisting of 40 sensors, circuit boards, accessories own prototypes and two officers bases Vive. It also includes a handle with several samples, which hardware developers can substitute its own device and still use the reference profile for tracking.

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These kits are free for developers, but instead to participate in the development program each company will have to send at least one of its employees to take a course of training which will be given $3000 in Seattle. The first will take place in mid-September.

Valve’s bet is clear. He wants manufacturers bet on its technology and people use it, do not forget that in March also said they wanted to lower their requirements. So, in exchange for companies specialize taking these courses, those of Gabe Newell are willing to then give them all facilities. We will see in a few months how well it works them play medium and long term.