IoT device

This instrument evolves IoT device with internet access and support IFTTT

For several decades the endaural or ear hearing aid has been a device widely used by people with hearing weaknesses and even deafness, but it’s funny how over the years the design and operation has remained almost intact, with slight improvements to a decrease in size and better sound amplification, but it is basically the same device.

Now the London – based company Oticon has taken this design and adapted it new elements to make it all a connected device, a device that not only help with hearing people, but also alert to possible dangers through recipes based on IFTTT thanks to your Internet connection. Continue Reading


These headphones promise to immerse ourselves in 3D sounds to feel the virtual reality

Ok, we have the ability of being in virtual reality experiences, but in most cases these visual experiences, except in the case of HTC Vive also allows you to interact with the controls, everything enters the eye and stops side ear, which makes the immersion is not total because everything comes from the same source, which is no longer consistent with what you’re seeing.

Thus, now a device that promises to bring virtual reality experience straight to our ears arises, this through headphones capable of reproducing 3D audio and base audio transmission on physiological characteristics of the user, so that we can get into virtual reality through sounds. We are learning about X OSSIC. Continue Reading

Xbox One

Your next PC could be a console: The Xbox One points to the convergence

The dream of this convergence that Microsoft promised us with Windows 10 still slowly coming true. First came the smartphones based on Windows 10 that could become our PC although the result so far not spectacular – and now is the turn of the Xbox One, that this summer will receive an update that will allow us to use it (almost) as a PC.

In the “Anniversary Update” will arrive this summer to the console and also to PCs and notebooks based on Windows 10 will integrate many important innovations that make the Xbox One can function as a PC when needed. This will include support for keyboard and mouse and universal applications: can you imagine using Office directly on the console? Or playing Dota 2 mouse and keyboard connected to the console, and not a traditional PC? Continue Reading


The console cycle model is dead and never coming back

The current model of the console cycle, that for which a model appears and in a handful of years (eight in the last jump) can expect that this configuration will remain constant, has died. What Microsoft has certified with the Project Scorpio, he anticipated days before when Sony confirmed the Neo project. In addition, for other reasons, the first to be consummating Nintendo with NX.

The whys of rotation of the industry’s can search the phenomenal storm hovering over the video game market – or even better, on the market of entertainment that video games are one more element – the convergence time explosion of virtual reality, 4K, e-sports and mobile platforms approach to quality console games.

Moreover, not least, by the interest in capturing one of the technology user profiles fondest by brands today: the gamer able to spend more than 2000 dollars in its video games.

How “we will not leave any player behind”

The stability of each generation consoles tranquility offered two critical communities for manufacturers: firstly to customers who could buy with the assurance that they would model for a long time; other developers who obtained a mass audience with a predictable and simple configuration. Continue Reading

Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis, a small and expensive breath of fresh air

Many who have followed the evolution of the electronic market we are cured to new products. Little competed, with just two or three major players, the absence of disrupting innovations has caused the e – book suffers from an enhanced that of the tablets syndrome version: even more, their owners are very few reasons to renew them unless lost or break yours.

Moreover, what many people go around asking it is whether it makes sense to buy back an electronic book reader for reading and bet on paper and mobile or tablet, simplifying your life with a device unless they carry?

So when reached Kindle Oasis with its asymmetrical design, small size, and touch screen but with physical buttons and much higher price than Amazon has accustomed us, we have asked yourself is what I needed category to return to speak of it as an innovative space where remarkable devices are created? Let’s see.

The design for reading

A force to be honest, one cannot find a better way to make an analysis of an electronic book reader to tell the experience: how it is to read with him.

With the Kindle Oasis, however, the design choices that made Amazon do make sense at the time to stop before you start turning pages.

Which puts Oasis as a rupturista reader Kindle line is its commitment to asymmetry, a rarity in the world design playing the against everything, that neurobiology preaches our taste for beauty: the human being is the harmony and beauty in the symmetrical. Continue Reading

Samsung Gear Fit 2

Samsung Gear Fit 2 becomes Tizen comes with integrated GPS and better resolution

Two years have passed since Samsung launched its bracelet features smartwatch Gear Fit, which had an attractive design, comfortable and a curved screen that is adapted to the contour of our wrist, but now, after several rumors is official arrival of the new Gear Fit 2.

Gear Fit 2 maintains essentially that spirit of activity monitor, since the improvements that integrates are around a new interface based on Tizen, graphics and information that shows us all the time every detail of our exercise routine and new sensors which will give all this information accurately. Continue Reading


Paperlike, the first electronic ink monitor, is already on presale in Indiegogo

Electronic ink has not only revolutionized the way we read through the e-books, but also we have seen applied to all kinds of products, from smartphones and watches to keyboards, remote controls, bus stops and even slippers.

The next stop seems to be computer monitors, a sector in which Chinese manufacturer Dasung takes time to develop it’s paperlike. Now, after months of waiting, this 13 – inch screen enters its final pre-launch launching a campaign Indiegogo with which we can already book ours. Continue Reading


Windows 10 and Android live in GOLE1, a handheld touchscreen

If you start looking for small computers with Windows 10 and hardware Intel, you get bored, but if you’re looking for something very portable, the supply is reduced. If you put up a condition that the gadget has integrated display, few clunkers will find interesting. I invite you to meet one that meets these things and is called GOLE1.

Basically it is a desktop computer that we can carry. I mean, the hardware and connections GOLE1 offers allows us to place you monitor and peripherals to work with him on a table. But the really interesting – I do not know if practical – you see there is a touch screen and a battery that allows us to start our applications anywhere. Continue Reading

Strip of intelligent foam

This strip of “intelligent” foam rubber want to replace your keyboard

Write from the phone keypad is not too comfortable, and this task becomes virtually impossible if the screen is reduced to the size of a smartwatch. What if you want to write something while you’re using virtual reality glasses? External keyboards are a solution in some of these cases, but in Tap go further and believe they have found the most versatile keyboard possible: a strip of foam with sensors inside. Continue Reading

Kindle Oasis

Does it make sense Kindle Oasis so expensive? We review the evolution of Amazon readers

I cannot consider me a heavy user of e-book readers, but I have spent a lot of content on the Kindle cheaper and I know for a fact that what it offers is very good for its price. It is a hallmark in the gadgets they do on Amazon. It seems clear that even in this niche need to know to offer different steps of quality and services, but the emergence of Kindle Oasis has created considerable controversy, not the product itself, rather its starting price.

When it comes to the cost of a thing, we can approach the amount thinking that it is a vital tool, and therefore it is justified to almost anything. But we can also compare what they already have in our catalog, and more importantly, what they offer other brands and products, and that is when the price of Oasis may seem absurd. In short, the price of things can become quite subjective.

We eight generations contemplating updates Kindle reader and we cannot deny that evolution has always been positive, adapting to what the market needed, while sticking a little jump at what competitors were placing on the market. Continue Reading