Nikon D3400 introduces Snapbridge in the input range DSLR: Wireless phone connectivity

Nikon D3400

Here is the new Nikon D3400, a type of camera which is tucked into the small world recognize as substitute of selling in a market segment where major brands try to capture those with photographic interests who want to get their hands on a tool powerful, a demure price.

A camera without testing can say that enable experts to generate professional content, but also make things easy for all those who take their first steps, or have no desire to spend more, because with this there is more than enough. Moving on to comment that this is a new model in the Nikon DX catalog.

Nikon D3400
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The product brings under his arm pretty interesting things, keeping one of the hallmarks of the D3000, its small size, it still moves at a comfortable balance to be transported and the possibility of putting on decent optics. The camera body weighs only 395 grams.

Type sensor is APS-C with 24.2 megapixels. Following standard specifications DSLR cameras, knowing that the image processor is an EXPEED 4 capable of managing a burst of 5 frames per second and play with sensitivities that move between 100 and 25,600 ISO.

Itself where there is a significant improvement over the D3300 is autonomy, being able to almost double the shots: 1.200 a burden. The screen is 3 inches with 960000 dot resolution and viewfinder provides 95% coverage.

These cameras are no longer sold only thinking in the photo, you can make enough quality video with them, and although not jump to 4K as high-end Nikon, here format can record Full HD at 60 frames per second.

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Snapbridge on the step input

The main novelty of this camera comes with Bluetooth connectivity: Nikon have decided to place the system in the small SnapBridge released in professional cameras. We are basically at a system low-power connectivity for transferring content to mobile devices.

Snapbridge was introduced in the D500 with very good reviews, and it works with a collection of Android phones, but we need to grow in compatibility, especially with iOS support. We are also pleased that Nikon improves, small cameras with big thingies.

Another new feature in Nikon is the “Guide Mode”, which as its name suggests, is a tutorial / assistant camera that helps us to set the main options according to scenarios in which we are moving.

While we wait for price Nikon, we can see that the camera will be sold in September in the US for $650, equipped with a new 18-55 mm (f3.5-5.6). We have to coexist in time with the D3300, not replace the bat.