Workstations can also be small: The new HP Z2 Mini proves it

HP Z2 Mini

It seems that the segment of designers and creative is more fashionable than ever again, because after the presentation of products from other companies is now HP, which sets out to conquer new, land in which sees no enough options.

The gap to cover now has a new opportunity as managers of the company, presenting the HP Z2 Mini, a compact workstation featuring the latest Intel Xeon processors and NVIDIA graphics professionals.

HP Z2 Mini, a compact and quiet workstation

According to the company, this equipment is destined to “the creators of our future”. The creative and engineering sector has unmet needs according to internal studies HP: there are 5 million designers who are targets of this type of equipment, and only 42% use workstations: almost 3 million of them do not have a team tailored to your needs.

HP Z2 Mini
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This is where the HP Mini Z2, a workstation so small that enters can hide and camouflage anywhere on the desktop, and even behind a monitor.

The design has taken into account the fact that its placement is likely to limit ventilation, and the corners have grids with a special format designed to cool the equipment regardless of the circumstances. In fact, in HP they have especially taken into account the ventilation: they have investigated in this section more than in any other equipment of the history of HP.

That attention to the section of the cooling and noise is noticeable both temperatures, always under control, as in the generated noise, qeu is very low: 29 dB with the equipment running at full power.

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Up to 6 Simultaneous Monitors

HP Mini Z2 are not only oriented CAD but also to environments where many screens are needed, as is the case of traders- or security experts (being easily removable and includes for example because Kensington slot).

Among the most interesting options of the equipment is the possibility of turning it on remotely with a keyboard or mouse, although that yes, its capacity of expansion is reduced. We may change the memorize the SSD, but there is no option to change the graphic, one NVIDIA Quadro M620 specially designed for this format allows you to connect up to 6 screens simultaneously (two via daisy-chain).

A chart will accompany the Intel processors that can be E3-1200v5 Xeon or Intel Core micro i3 / i5 / i7. The device can integrate up to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM, and includes an SSD, Ethernet connector, up to four DisplayPort 1.2 ports, 2 USB-C 3.1 Gen1 ports, 4 USB 3.0 ports and 802.11ac connectivity, plus Bluetooth 4.2.