Wireless headsets are winning the game of wireless

Wireless headsets

You use wireless headphones? Are you interested? Possibly yes in view of the latest news. The change is happening globally, but is particularly noticeable in the United States: sales and revenue with wireless headphones are superior to those carrying cables.

For the first time since living headphones with technology Bluetooth with “traditional”, the former have raised more money, with brands like Beats, LG, or Bosé, taking the lead in change. We remind you that Beats is a company recently acquired by Apple, had an eye for it, regardless of whether their products are better or worse than they seem.

Wireless headsets
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Where do we get this information? For it is the consultant NPD Group that reported on the status of registered last June, sales in the United States. The most striking point is that 54% of revenues coming from headphones sold in June, came from those with Bluetooth connectivity. That data accumulated in the first half of the year is 42%.

One of the keys of all this change is in the price. Bluetooth headsets have gone down; making the average price has fallen by 5% last year to this. In the market, studied models can be found for $ 50 or less, which are that this year will collect 30% of sales.

We cannot assure that what happens in America is exactly the same in the rest of the planet, but in view of the supply of headphones is very similar and the interests of the general public, too, not pegboards us a shot saying that wireless models they are winning the game to the wire.

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A mobile like the Bluetooth

They are not perfect, their autonomy depends on batteries and therefore need to be loaded – although most also have cable option – but its price, design and audio quality are vital aspects that do not stop improving, and something that the market has accepted as ideal purchase. Consolidated in this field, with companies iconic models have created wireless versions: Bose QuietComfort 35.

There is also added to the fact take away the cables advantages, and has to do with those batteries. The fact of having invited them to use more technology in there, explained to me: is possible to improve noise cancellation circuitry scoring touch panels or apply filters, thanks to its energy. Finally, we have developments that improve the experience such as mobile apps, a good example of this is the system of Zik Parrot.