This was the first USB memory of history

We are now so used to it that it is not uncommon to have a few scattered some drawer of our desk, but there was a day when USB flash drives revolutionized the way we were carrying data , becoming one of the key technologies to end with the reign of floppy disks.

USB flash drives, also known as USB sticks, had some key advantages over its rivals. On the one hand, they were immune to electromagnetic interference affecting diskettes, and the other is not scraped it with the scratches as they passed CDs. In addition, while the classic 3.5 – inch diskettes had just 1.44MB memory, USB first launched with capacities of 8 MB.

In 2005, five years after the launch of the first USB memories computers they were still using floppy drives. However, gradually, all the advantages that were offering USB flash drives and CD drives or DVDs eventually banishing forever, and eventually disks also started to weaken versus the comfort of USBs. Continue Reading


PlayStation VR, virtual reality must show more

This has been the year in which virtual reality finally begins to be in our lives. Both Rift Oculus as HTC Vive are the main references of a segment in which gradually have appeared other options, and in a few days will finally on sale expected PlayStation VR, a virtual reality system for PS4.

Sony’s proposal comes with interesting details, and we have already spent a few hours with a device that is located right in the middle of the experiences offered by – Cardboard, Gear VR basic devices and those who want to immerse ourselves in virtual worlds so much more ambitious (Rift, Vive). Now, is this proposal convincing enough?

A seamless design

The first thing that stands out from the PS VR is its design: is impeccable, and in that format should be noted that the blue lights that appear when using these glasses have not been put there in an aesthetic issue. They help PS4 camera follows the movement of the head. The construction of the glasses is very good and has useful adjustment mechanisms to the head. Also not especially heavy or “overwhelming”. Continue Reading


DJI Mavic Pro: This folding drone is not a toy and fits in a backpack

If we talk about drones, needless presentation DJI, the Chinese company that dominates the market at different levels, especially in the professional field, or with large capacities to record video – DJI Phantom 4. At the same time he is aware that there are lower levels of prices and profits not control, there amok companies like Parrot, or the newcomer GoPro.

A DJI missing models smaller and easier to carry from one place to another, to encourage people to buy and make this bigger market. We could say that Mavic Pro is the element they needed in their catalog because it is a foldable and small unit, which does not lack almost nothing about the technology that has made famous to the Chinese company recording, broadcasting, long range functioning, autonomous modes, etc. Continue Reading

Nikon D3400

Nikon D3400 introduces Snapbridge in the input range DSLR: Wireless phone connectivity

Here is the new Nikon D3400, a type of camera which is tucked into the small world recognize as substitute of selling in a market segment where major brands try to capture those with photographic interests who want to get their hands on a tool powerful, a demure price.

A camera without testing can say that enable experts to generate professional content, but also make things easy for all those who take their first steps, or have no desire to spend more, because with this there is more than enough. Moving on to comment that this is a new model in the Nikon DX catalog. Continue Reading


Valve wants to boost its HTC Vive opening developers 3D tracking technology

Valve decided to open its Steam Controller under Creative Commons for anyone with a 3D printer can customize and create housings for it. It was a measure welcomed by the community, and this week has decided to make a resemblance to one of the functions of virtual reality system movement Vive VR.

Specifically it has done with its 3D tracking technology, which has enabled the web SteamVR Tracking so that any company can use it without having to pay any license. This means that any developer can include your position and orientation sensors in devices of all kinds; helping Valve technology is positioned to become a long – term standard for virtual reality. Continue Reading

Wireless headsets

Wireless headsets are winning the game of wireless

You use wireless headphones? Are you interested? Possibly yes in view of the latest news. The change is happening globally, but is particularly noticeable in the United States: sales and revenue with wireless headphones are superior to those carrying cables.

For the first time since living headphones with technology Bluetooth with “traditional”, the former have raised more money, with brands like Beats, LG, or Bosé, taking the lead in change. We remind you that Beats is a company recently acquired by Apple, had an eye for it, regardless of whether their products are better or worse than they seem. Continue Reading


If looking for a robot to take care of your home but also look like a toy, Riley is the solution

The domestic robots are not new, they are of different prices and features, which makes us several options available to us depending on our needs, which can range from a robot companion, even a nurse robot that dispenses drugs but there are those who simply are a toy like the case of the famous BB-8 Sphero, or having toy capabilities but also offer the bonus of learning to program as Cozmo.

What we now know is a new variant in this type of robots, as it seems a nice toy, but behind his harmless looking there are a security tool that will help us take care of the house, pets and even children and the elderly, let’s meet Riley. Continue Reading

Neo PS4

Neo PS4 will arrive in 2017, more powerful and with support 4K games

The recent emergence of data in Amazon on the PlayStation VR also filter out just an internal presentation of Sony with 42 slides in which some interesting facts about the console are given.

This document explains how the “NEO” is a “high – end version” of the current PS4 which will coexist with the current console Sony and which share user community, application package, store and user experience. All games will be compatible on both consoles, but the PS4 NEO offer “support 4K screens” for games with various rendering techniques.

A twist to the PS4 hardware

In the case of NEO PS4 users will have access to better rates of frames per second , more stable and with improved graphical fidelity. Developers can take advantage of new hardware features with patches NEO, and the specifications are:

  • CPU: Same CPU with 8 cores at 2.1 GHz (in the PS4 those cores operating at 1.6 GHz)
  • GPU: Enhanced AMD GPU with 36 CUs 911 MHz versions will offer 2.3 times the performance in the current flops (18 CUs 800 MHz)
  • Memory: 8 GB GDDR5 themselves more frequently (218 GB / s instead of 176 GB / s of the current PS4)
  • Hard Drive: The same as in the current PS4

Continue Reading


Dell has a new and huge 70-inch touch screen monitor with support for Chrome OS

In early 2015, Microsoft surprised with the announcement of a huge computer all-in-one with Windows 10 on TV 84 inch format, it was clear that the Microsoft Surface Hub was not for everyone, first by price and then by his bearings capabilities to heavy use in conference rooms of large corporations.

At that time the format drew attention as a device with these characteristics and possibilities could be accommodated in the educational field, and that is precisely what Dell thought, who is now presenting a huge touch screen monitor with everything you need to collaborate and all with large display. Continue Reading

HTC Vive

Oculus removes the DRM associated with their Rift, will leave you play your games with HTC Vive

The rivalry between the two leading exponents of virtual reality is evident from both Oculus as HTC offered their devices. Not only they competed in their hardware, but also in its catalog of games. Instead of being able to access a universal catalog, users were partly tied to catalogs of one or another proposal.

Oculus actually implemented a DRM system that caused users of HTC Vive could not play the games available at the Oculus, but a few weeks ago appeared Revive, a patch to fix it. This patch will no longer be strictly necessary, because Oculus has backtracked and removed the DRM component firmware glasses. Continue Reading