The 5 Best Fitbit Bracelets of 2018

Fitbit Bracelets

Which Fitbit watch is right for you? There are many models to choose from. Compare the price, features, design and battery life of each Fitbit and find the best one for you!

There are really many different models of watches and bracelets that monitor your physical condition in real time. But the Fitbit watch is considered one of the best ever and for a very specific reason. You can find different based on price, features and design to meet every budget, need and taste.

A Fitbit watch is a comfortable, thin, fun and useful accessory both to monitor how you walk thanks to the classic step counter, analyze how much you are sleeping and sleep quality and to keep your heart rate under control.

For each Fitbit watch I have assigned a tag “Perfect for you if”   so as to have an immediate feedback on its strength and understand if it fits better to your needs.

1) Fitbit Charge 2 watch

Fitbit Bracelets

The Fitbit Charge 2 bracelet offers almost all the fitness monitoring features that the high-end Fitbits have, but in a thin and light structure. Measure steps, distance, active minutes, steps up, calories burned, heart rate, sleep levels and cardio-fitness levels. It also boasts automatic multi-sport monitoring.

Perfect for you if: You are looking for a complete, durable and interesting design device

It also offers useful wristwatch notifications such as caller ID, text alerts and calendar, as well as connect to the phone’s GPS. The value for money is excellent and is available in seven colors.

2) Fitbit Versa bracelet

Fitbit Bracelets

Although the integrated GPS lacks, unlike the Fitbit Ionic, the Fitbit Versa watch is identical in function and the wrist is smaller and lighter. Of course it is however grating to connect with the phone’s GPS. As a smartwatch you can use a considerable number of apps (Weather, Starbucks, Runkeeper, Strava and more), as well as Fitbit Pay and storage and management of your mp3 tracks, as well as notifications such as caller ID and messages.

Perfect for you if: Look for the perfect compromise between fitness and smartwatch

Fitbit Coach offers animated workouts on the screen. It also boasts more design accessories than the Ionic. Someone can find this model more suitable for women (who could find the Ionic too big), but the Fitbit Versa definitely has a unisex design.

3) Fitbit Flex 2 watch

Fitbit Bracelets

Fitbit Flex is the Fitbit bracelet thinner, lighter and (above all) less expensive. It has a minimalist style and (like the Fitbit Versa and the Ionic) it can also keep track of your swimming statistics. It does not have all the features found on other models, such as missing altimeter, heart rate monitoring, clock or multi-sport tracking.

Perfect for you if: You are looking for your first fitness bracelet

But if you’re primarily interested in simple fitness metrics like count-steps, distance traveled and calories consumed, the Flex 2 is a great Fitbit watch for activity monitoring. Extra accessories are also available and you can wear it without problems like a simple fashionable bracelet. If, however, you also need the clock function and notifications you will have to spend a little more.

4) Fitbit Ionic watch

Fitbit Bracelets

Fitbit Ionic is the most complete smartwatch and activity tracker of the Fitbit line. It has all the functions of both devices. In addition, its integrated GPS is great for runners or athletes who do not want to carry around the phone.

In addition to the classic fitness statistics, it offers automatic multi-sport tracking, Fitbit Coach for on-screen workouts, Caller ID and text notifications on the wrist. Among other things, it can store up to 300 songs, can be used for contactless payments and has a wide range of apps available (Weather, Starbucks, Runkeeper, Strava and more).

Perfect for you if: You are looking for a bracelet dedicated almost exclusively to sport

The Fitbit Versa (which has the same features except the integrated GPS) is cheaper and smaller, but the Ionic is still light enough, so much to forget you have it on your wrist.

5) Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Bracelets

The Fitbit Alta watch is priced $20-30 lower than its older brother Fitbit Alta HR. But the price difference, however modest, makes the Alta the most natural choice and, despite the lack of HR heart rate monitor and the monitoring of the quality of sleep and cardio-fitness, the super-slim Alta is a good fitness tracker which has as many accessories as the HR model available.

Perfect for you if: Look for a cheap Fitbit watch, but with a display!

Fitbit watch: The features in the various models

The Ftbit Zip, which I have not included in the ranking, does not have sleep detection and the silent alarm available, however, on the other trackers. It also does not alert you when you reach your goal set in count-steps. It does not even have a heart rate monitor, or sports functions and notification alerts.

For children under the age of 13, the FitBit ACE, still not available on Amazon Italian, is a truly high-level tracker. It is recommended for children ages 8 and up, has video control for parents, family challenges and virtual badges to win. The strap is smaller even than the small size options of the other Fitbit watches, although in some cases they also fit the wrist of a child.

The most economical Fitbit bracelet is the Flex 2, but this lack some features of the more expensive Fitbits, such as an altimeter, multi-sport functions, heart rate, caller ID, text notifications and GPS tracking.

In fact, casual users do not really need the heart rate monitor or sports features, and only the high-end Fitbit Ionic fitness bracelet has an integrated GPS. Among the Versa and Ionic models, the Flex 2 is the only Fitbit watch also ideal for those who practice swimming.

Alta is a step ahead of Flex 2, but a big jump in terms of price. With $40 difference you get the caller ID and text notifications, which many will find really useful. If you have the phone close but not in your pocket or in silent mode, then that little vibration that warns you that a call is coming can be very useful. Alta is a good deal if it does not consider monitoring of cardiac activity and sleep detection indispensable

Are you a sportsman? The different features of a Fitbit bracelet

If you jog, run or exercise in general (in addition to walking) I think it’s worth paying for the extra heart rate monitoring feature you get with High HR, Charge 2, Versa and Ionic. You can use it even if one of your primary goals lose weight.

If you are only interested in daily exercise, Fitbit Flex 2 or Alta will be more than good and are excellent trackers. The heart rate function also gives you a more detailed sleep analysis.

Regarding the design, as I said before, I prefer the Fitbit watch strap found on High HR, Charge 2, Versa and Ionic. It seems safer, and again I think it’s worth paying extra. If you want a wide range of straps and other accessories, the Flex 2 has the most options, including a bracelet and a sports necklace, but Alta, Alta HR and Versa also boast a wide range of accessories.