How To Know The Connection Speed Of Your Smartphone

Connection Speed

Just bought a new smartphone, just opened and is super-technological: high resolution camera, 8 GB Ram, inexhaustible Hard Disk (a dream!) And many applications, beautiful and useful.

Now that you have a model of smartphones, you would like to know your connection speed: the time it takes for your ultra-new smartphone to surf the internet!

Knowing the speed of connection of your smartphone is essential: first of all, by testing the connection speed you can understand if your telephone operator provides the service that promised you; in addition, the causes of a possible malfunction of the same can be investigated.

A brand-new smartphone, super-efficient and super functional, which slowly navigates is a real break.

Connection speed of the smartphone

To know the connection speed of your smartphone, you do not need to spend a single euro. Simply connect to the following website and run a connection speed test.

But how do you perform a test to know the speed of downloading, uploading and pinging your smartphone? Simply by connecting to the link above and performing the required procedure.

With a single pass and in 20 seconds you will be able to know the 4G speed or the ADSL speed (depending on whether you are connected with a mobile connection or through a company line or a housewife).

If your 4G speed is too low, it means that this is not really 4G or that the signal is weak; on the other hand, if you are connected to a company or home internet line via ADSL, the connection speed will certainly be lower than a fiber optic line.

Connection Speed

Know the speed of downloading, uploading and pinging

Download speed measures the time it takes your smartphone to download a certain content from the network. Conversely, uploading indicates the time it takes for your smartphone to upload content from the device to other servers (or on the network). Ping, however, is the time (in milliseconds) that the smartphone uses to receive a response from the server (the main computer).

The lower ping is, the better. The same goes for the speed of downloads and uploads that, the higher they are, and the better they are!

To understand if there are connection problems, due to network malfunctions or to the inefficiency of your internet connection, it is necessary to perform a speed test.

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A test that can be performed comfortably in two steps …

  • By go to the link speedtest;
  • Starting the speed test.

In just under 30 seconds you will be able to identify if the problem you have encountered comes from a poor and low quality connection or if your browsing speed depends on your smartphone.

It is very unlikely that the problem of slow connection comes from the smartphone itself, if you have bought a new and latest device. In other words, the latest generation of smartphones (and those above a certain price range) is very difficult to surf slowly on the internet (and if they do, the cause is certainly to be found in problems related to the speed of connection).

A smartphone that navigates slowly not only will not facilitate surfing on the internet, but it will not guarantee you even a good view of movies and TV series in streaming. The loading times of the film could, in fact, lengthen considerably, even reaching a few hours.

No one would like to wait two or three hours to watch a movie in streaming (or to download a certain file, of considerable size!).