5+7 Instagram Tips and Tricks To Boost Your Profile


Instagram is the fashion social network for young and not so young. Do you know how to get the most out of it? Are you new and need advice to start? Already a user and want to gain followers and presence? This guide with tips and tricks of Instagram interests you.

Instagram is already the favorite social network for millions of people

The growth of Instagram seems unstoppable, especially among young people who, according to the latest study on the use of social networks, consider it their favorite social network ahead of Facebook. The social network focused on the image has already overcome the barrier of 1,000 million users and more and more users are opting for it to communicate on social networks.

In the same way, the uses of Instagram for companies are increasingly more advanced and there are many businesses and entrepreneurs who bet on it for their digital marketing strategy or the synchronization with their Facebook pages that, despite being the owner of Instagram, is increasingly overcome by the influence of this social network that even exceeds exposure time.

In the same way that recently the figure of youtubers emerged, Instagram has boosted that of the instagramers who have become in a short time true influencers for companies and users.


Instagram tips and tricks to boost your profile

Are you new and need tips to start on Instagram? Do you already have an account but want to increase your followers and gain presence in the social network? Surely this list of tips and tricks of Instagram will be very useful …

5 Tips to start on Instagram

Are you new to Instagram? If you have just started on this social network these tips will help you understand its operation and win your first followers on Instagram. Take note:

1- Synchronize your Instagram profile and Facebook

If you just signed up and want to start earning followers on Instagram, good advice is to synchronize your profile with your Facebook account. As you know, both social networks are from the same company and, in this way, you can easily find your friends on Facebook, follow them and let them do it too. As soon as you start, Instagram shows you some profiles, but if you want to explore them all the best is that you give the Explore option that you will find next to your profile. Do you want to get the most out of your Facebook profile? These tricks interest you.

2- Fill in all the fields and bet on creativity in your profile

As in any other social network, one of the keys to success to gain followers on Instagram is to bet on a good profile image, as well as a description that is original and includes tags (Hashtag) that allow you to identify yourself and show the topics that interest you . In the case of this social network, this requirement is even more important since we are talking about a platform focused on the image.

3- Investigate labels and join them

If you have researched a bit, you may have noticed that hashtags on Instagram are indispensable. At the time of publishing bet for this resource and locate the most used HT from the search window, where you can start with a generic term and see which are the ones that have a greater number of publications to, in this way, Identify trends whether your city or thematic.

4- Bet on Instagram Stories

One of the functions that most attracts followers of Instagram are the so-called Stories (Stories), very similar to those you already use in WhatsApp under the name States. In Instagram Stories you have options such as stickers, surveys, video …

5- Content is the key Take care!

Instagram is a 100% visual social network and, therefore, it is essential that the content you upload be of quality. If you are starting on Instagram try the different options and applications to incorporate filters to your Instagram images, but do not overdo it and research which ones work best for the content you are uploading. In the same way, keep in mind the comments, participate in debates and learn by asking publicly or through private messages. The recommended number of posts per day when you start on Instagram is 1 to 3, although everything is to try.


7 Instagram tricks to boost your account

Are you looking for Instagram tricks to gain followers and boost your account? First of all remember that many of the options that you will find on the Internet require the download of applications and extensions that will request permission to access the data stored on your smartphone or computer. Be cautious and remember that there is no free APP and that the price you pay is your privacy.

1- How to create a company profile on Instagram

Are you going to use your Instagram profile to sell your products or services? Bet on a company profile on Instagram that, among other advantages, allows you to access statistics and connect your Instagram account with a company page on Facebook so you can incorporate buttons and features such as booking products or buying online.

2- Zoom into Instagram Stories

Are you passionate about Instagram Stories and do not want to miss a detail? If so, this is one of the Instagram tricks that you are sure you are interested in. Do you know how to zoom in the Instagram Stories? To access this function, simply access the Settings tab of your smartphone, navigate to Accessibility, marques Vision and, once in this option, select Amplicon. Once you’ve done it, you can zoom in on Instagram Stories by tapping the screen three times.

3- See Instagram Stories without being detected

One of the most successful searches on Google is how to see Instagram Stories without the owner’s knowledge. To avoid notifications that you have seen a story, simply open the application and wait for all the stories to load and, once they are ready, activate the Airplane mode on your smartphone. This way you can see the Stories of Instagram without being detected, is not it easy? There are other options, but they require the download of third-party applications and, with it, the permissions that you will have to grant on your personal data.

4- Activate the rainbow mode for the texts of your Stories on Instagram

Do you want to add a touch of color to your Stories? One of the simplest Instagram tricks is to activate the rainbow option for the texts that you add to your Stories. To do this you must use both hands: First select all the text and with the other hand display the color palette. Once you have done it, move through the text box and the colors box in unison and you will see how the characters are stained with the colors of the rainbow.

5- Create filters from emojis

One of the simplest Instagram tricks that will add a touch of color to your images is to add a filter from an emoji. To do this you just have to add the emoji and expand it as much as you can. Once you have done this, leave the edge in the foreground of the image and, in this way, will color your image with the gradient of the enlargement. It’s about being original, right?

6- Use the light version of Instagram (Instagram Lite)

One of the latest news from Instagram is its light version (Instagram Lite) to save storage space on your smartphone and it was officially launched last June and, for the moment it is only available in some countries and for Android devices on the Google Play. Do you know how to use Instagram Lite and save data on your smartphone?

7. Activate the manual comments filter on Instagram

Nobody is freed in social networks of the so-called haters or people who disapprove your publications and that, sometimes, can generate noise or discomfort. If you want to avoid certain words or tags in your comments without blocking the person who sends them, just access your menu (tab with three points) access the Comments option and activate the manual filter where you can mark the words or tags that you do not want to appear in the comments to your photos or videos.

Have you found these Instagram tricks interesting? Send us yours and we will incorporate them to this guide so that we can all get the most out of Instagram.