Web Positioning: 5 Steps To Improve in Google and Increase Your Online Sales

Web Positioning

How to lead the Google lists? What strategies to apply to increase online sales? How to increase online traffic? Are some of the common questions among eCommerce owners? The only answer for them is to achieve SEO web positioning of your business page.

These search engine positioning techniques focus on offering quality and pleasant navigation for the user. We have compiled for you five of the most important strategies, so look for paper and pencil and put them in your agenda so you can start conquering the Google lists.

1. Use the Meta tags correctly

For SEO web positioning it is fundamental to make correct use of metadata or Meta tags, that is, the title of the page and the description. This information is what will appear in the Google results list when the users perform their search.

The first thing you should know when working with the web design of your page is that the meta tag title must contain between 10 and 70 characters, include the most important keywords, and be explanatory and unique, since it works as a sample card about the content of the page or what the company is about.

For its part, the Meta Description provides valuable information to the user and is crucial for this to click on your page. Here it is also necessary to include the most relevant keywords and not have more than 160 characters. Write a description that captures the attention of the Internet user and invite him to know your online store.

Web Positioning

2. Have a presence in social networks

Social networks have become powerful platforms when selling, because they allow us to communicate with customers in all parts of the world, segment the public and transmit any information about the products or services that are marketed immediately.

Each social network is managed in a particular way, many companies have presence in several of these platforms, but for a matter of time or staff that manages them, they use the same strategy in all, without achieving the sales objectives. To be successful in social media, it is important to analyze them and determine how products should be promoted in each of them.

3. Take advantage of free analysis tools

To be successful in SEO web positioning is important the analysis of the results of the strategies, for that there are several free tools which you can take advantage of as for example; Google Webmasters Tool with which you will get detailed reports on the display of your web page in the search engine.

Also, you can create an account in Google Analytics to get free information on different points of interest that will help improve technical aspects of your online store. Third, another way to analyze your website is with Woorank, this tool allows you to obtain a complete report from six different segments for SEO optimization.

Web Positioning

4. Power eCommerce load speed

Google penalizes and does not allow slow online stores, that is, the speed of loading a website is paramount for the world’s leading search engine. You may have used flash, CSS style sheets, images, among other elements that provide aesthetics to your eCommerce, however, these may affect the time it takes to load the web page.

The analysis of Woorank mentioned above, in its section of -Mobile- studies this aspect and provides recommendations on how to improve it. You can also use tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights, which generates a detailed report of technical suggestions to optimize the loading speed for the desktop and mobile version of your website.

5. Be reference as online commerce

Be noted among the commercial sector of your company is not easy, but a strategy used by many agencies of digital marketing and SEO has to do with registering in business directories, forums, blogs related to your business, among other sources where you can comment and provide valuable information on topics related to the products or services you offer.

The idea is that you try to integrate in your comment or publication a link to your online store, so if the user wants to know more about what you have said know where to locate and you will not look like a SPAM forcing direct sales. I assure you that you will get better results with discrete marketing.