How to generate leads thanks to your blog

generate leads

The blog is an exceptional tool to find new potential customers for your business. Here’s how you need to do it …

Generate leads thanks to your blog? It can be done. And how. Because the blog is a very powerful tool to find new qualified contacts that, if grown properly, will become your next customers.

Every company should have a blog

I’m sure: every company should have a blog. Not only the trendiest brands of the moment but any business, even the one that produces screws or works heavy metals, even the neighborhood shop that repairs shoes. And also all freelancers working in services.

Because a blog is for everyone who wants to generate leads.

Yet, most companies do not have a corporate blog on their corporate site. I’m talking, practically 7 out of 10 companies. And I’m not just talking about small or micro businesses, but also about more structured businesses.

It’s worse. Even of all companies that have a blog (and I’m always talking about 3 out of 10) at least half of those who have a company blog does not update it regularly or does not use it in the correct way to generate leads.

They are all businesses that are wasting an important opportunity. And you, do not you want to take advantage of it?

If I were you, I would do it right away.

generate leads

Do you already have a company blog?

If you have not got it right away. And if you’re not sure if you can create it or integrate it correctly on your website, contact me and I’ll do it for you.

Every post written on your blog is an indelible trace of your work that you leave on Google.

Having a static website or promotional web pages of your products and services could help you find potential new qualified customers up to ten years ago or even later. Today (we talked about it other times) the purchasing process by users has changed.

Selling is just the last step in a process that goes through the generation of continuous qualified contacts. It is the Lead Generation and the blog is one of the main tools to realize a winning lead generation strategy.

How to generate Lead thanks to your blog

To generate leads thanks to your blog is certainly not enough to create a blog. Because this “virtual diary” should be filled with contents. Useful contents. And this is only the first of at least 5 basic steps to create a winning blog that can constantly generate many new leads. Let’s see them all:

Write useful content. The web is full of contents, articles, posts. Words, words. But most of these contents have little or no utility for those who read them. But what differentiates a useful content from a useless one? Useful content teaches you how to do something, explains how to solve a problem. Personally, I suggest you get yourself ALWAYS these few, simple questions before posting any post on your blog :

  • I would read this post? Why should I?
  • What does my readers teach?
  • Does it help them in any way to improve their business or increase their profits?
  • What problem of my readers solves
  • What fear or fear can appease?

generate leads

Write MANY useful content. You will not think an article per month on your blog is enough to generate new leads. Your blog must be updated regularly and frequently to bring concrete results in a fairly short time. Write at least one article a week and do it for at least 4 months, you will see that the first results will not be long in coming. But remember: you need constancy and punctuality in the content you publish. Always useful content, of course. Therefore, do not forget to answer the 5 questions I have shown above. And be patient.

Editorial plan. The best way to make sure you regularly produce useful content for your contacts is to plan them through an editorial plan. Take a few days to think about a typical program on a quarterly, half-yearly or even annual basis. Think about the (approximate) titles you would like to give to each post and to all the issues you would like to deal with. Think about what you would like to teach and the problems of your potential customers that you want and you can solve through an article. The editorial plan is not the Bible. Remember that you can update it and modify it, especially if the close relevance gives you interesting ideas. Is there any news bomb about your sector? Then one of your articles can not really wait, it means that you will have to update your editorial plan a bit.

Furthermore, timing is the meaning of every editorial plan. Writing, for example, an article about costume testing in January would make little sense, but if you publish the same article in June or July, your feedback on your audience will be very different.

Always enter call to action. Do you want readers to become customers of your business? Then you have to give them the opportunity to do it. Invite your readers to do something at the end of each post. You have no idea how many increases the possibility of converting that lead into a customer.

Did I convince you?

Have a blog:

  • Offers you the opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in your field
  • Helps you make branding
  • It allows you to “cultivate” and “cuddle” your users (lead nurturing)
  • It is a powerful content marketing tool

And above all, it guarantees you the possibility of always generating new leads.

So, did I convince you? Are you ready to generate leads thanks to your blog?