Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1

Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1: The future independent virtual reality glasses already have a specific chip

Enjoying virtual reality with your mobile is not enough, and doing it with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive is perhaps too much. That’s what has made independent virtual reality glasses appear like the recent Oculus Go, which have suddenly shown that they can offer a very interesting balance.

That balance now wants to be exploited by Qualcomm, which has created a specific platform for this type of product. The new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 is the first SoC specially designed for virtual reality and augmented experiences (what Qualcomm calls Extended Reality, XR), and is an interesting alternative for this segment in the coming months. Continue Reading

Acer Swift 5

The new Acer Swift 5 aims at the screens almost without frames and surprises for its lightness

Acer has presented today in New York a wide renewal of its catalog of desktops, laptops, convertibles and accessories. Among these bets is the prominence of laptops, both in traditional format with the Swift 5and the new Chromebooks that arrive in portable format and convertible with the Acer Chromebook Spin 13.

The first stands out for its diagonal of 15 inches, good hardware configuration and achieve a weight of less than 1 kg, while Chromebooks arrive to convince all kinds of people: from end users to professionals. Continue Reading

MSI GT75VR 7RF Titan Pro

MSI GT75VR 7RF Titan Pro: A real beast of gaming with everything you need to have to play 4K

During the last months we have had the opportunity to analyze several laptops designed specifically to meet the needs of gamers. Of all of them the two most ambitious, and also the most expensive, are the Omen X of HP and the ROG Zephyrus of ASUS. Both feature high-end Intel Core i7 microprocessors, high-quality LCD panels, and, most importantly, one of the fastest graphics processors available today: NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080 GPU. Precisely, the team to which we dedicate this analysis shares these same characteristics with these two gaming laptops. Continue Reading

Mountain Steel

Mountain Steel, a workstation with Intel Core i9 CPU and license to work … and play!

The official launch in the middle of last year of Intel’s Core i9 microprocessor family further stimulated competition with AMD. Without a doubt, it’s great news for users. But perhaps the most interesting is that it gave rise to an exciting debate that raises to what extent it is preferable in terms of the execution of video games to have a higher clock speed compared to a higher number of cores.

I have decided to start the analysis of this Mountain workstation talking about the Core i9 processors because, as the title of the article anticipates, the CPU that governs this equipment is a Core i9-7900X chip with 10 cores and capable of simultaneously processing 20 threads of execution (threads). There is no doubt that one of the incentives of this machine is to check how this microprocessor performs, but this is not the only feature that is interesting. Not much less. If you want to discover much more about this proposal, you just have to keep reading. Continue Reading

Hard drives

Hard drives that look like SSD in speed? So Seagate doubles the speed of traditional disks

If someone tells you that your disk drive reaches read speeds of 480 MB / s, you will most likely be asked “An SSD drive, right?”. That could be true until now, but those speeds can also be found on conventional hard drives.

This is what Seagate has promised, which thanks to its Multi Actuator technology is capable of doubling the access speeds to its hard drives. Taking into account that so far the fastest units of 7200RPM were around 235 MB / s, the evolution is certainly remarkable. Continue Reading

HP Omen X

HP Omen X, the laptop that aspires to fall in love with gamers who are not willing to give up the game in 4K

The game in 4K UHD is possible in the world of consoles if we get a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One X. But, as we told you at the time, these machines will only allow us to play with native 4K resolution in some games, but not at all. Currently, if our goal is to play with this resolution with the minimum possible restrictions, the best option is to do with a PC. And the Omen X that stars in this article is running as a candidate.

Up to now, several computers from the Omen family of HP have been through our laboratory, which is the range of computers for gamers of the American brand. But, without a doubt, this Omen X is the most ambitious notebook in this series that we have tested to date. And it is that a quite impressive configuration joins some possibilities of expansion and overclocking that will make the “mouth water” to many gamers. Let’s see what this little beast offers us. Continue Reading

Snapdragon 845

Facial recognition, bokeh, 4K and more: What the new Snapdragon 845 brings us ahead of the high-end Android of 2018?

The new Snapdragon 845 will be the brain of the high-end Android for 2018. Terminals such as the Galaxy S9 or the Xiaomi Mi 7 will mount the new Qualcomm chip, but they will not be the only ones.

In a deep technical session in Hawaii we have been able to better know the successor of 835. It has helped us to know a little more about the high range that we will see next year and the characteristics that we will see from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Good times come for the recording of contents in 4K, smartphones more “smart” or facial recognition. Continue Reading


BENQ EW277HDR: Interesting monitor with HDR support that fails the resolution

The monitor or screen that we use completely changes our experience. Factors such as size, resolution, type of panel and design make us more or less comfortable when we sit in front of the computer to consult the internet, work or just play. Therefore we should choose our monitor well although it is not always something simple.

Benq, within its wide range, offers a proposal with 27 “screen, Full HD resolution and a series of extra features that seek to differentiate themselves from the rest. If you succeed or not is something that we will tell you in this analysis of BENQ EW277HDR. Continue Reading

AMD Ryzen

AMD prepares the heavy artillery: Ryzen of 7 nanometers with up to 48 cores for 2019

Since the beginning of 2017 it has been sounding that GlobalFoundries, AMD’s old chip manufacturing division, is preparing everything to implement the 7-nanometer FinFET process in its chips, without having to go through the 10-nanometer manufacturing node, one step To some extent forced in which for example Intel is working for several years and we finally hope to see during 2018 with the arrival of Cannon Lake. Continue Reading