Why does my phone randomly vibrate?

Why does my phone randomly vibrate

When your phone vibrates, it can be a sign of many things. From a text message to an alarm, you don’t always know why your phone vibrates, but it’s important to figure out the cause.

It’s a surprisingly common question, but one that can be tough to answer. Why does my phone vibrate? Here are some of the most common answers.

Why does my phone randomly vibrate?

There are a few different things that could be causing your phone to vibrate randomly.


You probably know this one as well as we do. Every time you get a text message or Gmail alert, your phone will also vibrate to let you know something has arrived on the screen of your phone. Text messages are most common, but it can be anything from an email newsletter to a Facebook message that’s causing the vibrations in question.


Apps are also a huge cause of resetting your phone. If an app notification wants to announce something, it can send out vibrations as reminders that you need to take action on the app or game in question. Most apps will try not to annoy you with constant vibration alerts unless there’s really important information being sent along, but some applications do push frequent automatic updates through regular texting like this is Facebook Messenger or even Google Hangouts.


It’s easy to forget a normal alarm clock in your day-to-day activities, but most of us are fond of the vibration option that “ alerts ” when it’s time for an important meeting or appointment. Instead of having to figure out what song is playing on the radio at X:XX PM, we can just set up our phone so it starts buzzing around when we should be leaving for work. While you often won’t hear music or a radio station playing when your phone starts buzzing in the middle of the day, it does happen from time to time just like phones.

Vibrating feedback for calls and buttons

This is something you don’t even notice anymore unless that special someone borrowed your cell without telling you first. While every mobile smartphone on earth has its own style of vibration alert, one thing they all have different ways of cuing up feedback in the form of vibrating buttons. Whether it’s a slight vibration for each button press or one quick buzz when you make your choice, most phones will let you know how successful (or not) the response was.

How to fix the problem?

First, you need to determine if your Android phone is having this problem. To do that:

1. Open the Settings menu on your device.

2. Scroll down and select Sound & notifications.

3. Under Other sounds, tap Vibration intensity.

4. Drag the slider all the way to the left to turn vibrations off completely, or drag it all the way to the right to make them stronger.

5. If you’d like to customize the intensity of vibrations from other features, tap an entry such as Vibrate on touch instead (in step 3). This will open a new menu for customizing that specific feature’s vibration settings.

Sure we could just switch out cellphones, but the world isn’t like that anymore. We need to find solutions where problems occur and make those possibilities part of reality so they can be dealt with.

What if I don’t want my phone to vibrate anymore?

That’s easy, just set the Vibration intensity to 0% under Sound & notifications.

From now on your phone will not vibrate if you hear it ring or receive an incoming message. Too bad! Actually, there is a way out of this predicament if that option won’t suffice for you:

Go back one step in settings and tap Vibrations next to Sound & notifications so your device does vibrate even with our settings at 0%.

This will override our changes and your phone will vibrate again as it did before.  Sigh, we warned you!


Sometimes our phones just go off on their own. Whether it’s an incoming call, a text message or notification from the battery level, there are times when we have no control over our phone and it will do things on its own. This is actually normal, but if you feel that your phone is going off randomly, you can check the settings of your phone to see if there is any change in the behavior of your phone.