How to change the computer’s RAM

computer's RAM

If you are not really PC expert, you need to know that RAM memory is one of the fundamental components of your computer. Therefore, if this should be damaged, it must be replaced with a new one. And this is where you will certainly ask yourself: how to change the computer’s RAM? Apparently, it might seem like a pretty complicated operation. Certainly not recommended for completely inexperienced hands. However, we will try to explain to you in a simple way to perform RAM replacement in just a few steps. Keep in mind that if you don’t replace a damaged RAM, your PC won’t even turn on! What we will show you first is how to locate the RAM in your PC and how to remove it.

How to change your computer’s RAM: Easy driving

The first step is to open the outer casing of the PC. Consider RAM as a kind of engine. Thus, as in any machine, it is located inside the device.

Visually, the RAM memory looks like a series of rectangular slats that have several chips in relief. In the case of newer devices, the RAM could be covered with a casing that is used as a heat conductor.

However, there are no other similar components in the PC. Therefore, it should not be difficult to identify it.

Before proceeding, please note that …

  • The computer must not be connected to the mains while you are doing this;
  • Be careful not to drop any liquid inside the PC;
  • Perform all the steps with NON thermo-conductive gloves.

Given this and once the RAM has been identified, you have to push down the two teeth that are on the two short sides of the component.

In this way, the RAM will be raised and you can easily proceed to the extraction.

Replacement RAM: Which to buy?

If you decide to proceed personally to the replacement of your computer’s RAM, you will first need to purchase a new one. But which one to choose?

By extracting the old RAM, you will notice that on the top of the component the brand and type of product is shown. You can therefore purchase an identical one, providing the retailer with the data collected.

If the same RAM is no longer available on the market, you will need to ask your trusted dealer for a product with similar features and compatible with your device.

At this point, you will need to insert the new RAM memory stick into your PC.

Basically, you will have to pay attention only to the direction of the housing. On each cue are indicated two points, defined as “slot separator” that make you understand how the RAM should be positioned.

Remember to insert the new RAM gently and without forcing, to avoid any kind of damage. Proceeding, you will realize that it is a much simpler operation to do than to say!