data storage

The future of data storage can be in ultra freeze, but changing hard drives by molecules

Some hope that there is some discovery in terms of technology or materials that allows to go beyond lithium batteries and their capabilities, but other aspects of electronic devices can also improve in this regard. An example is the storage of data, which a few years ago experienced the change from hard drives to solids and the next may be to move to frozen hard drives. Continue Reading

AMD processors

The new AMD processors for 32-core servers

“AMD is back, and it’s here to stay,” enthuses Mark Papermaster, senior vice president of technology and engineering at the US chip maker. Not surprisingly, after years in which the company has been unable to keep pace with products aimed at professionals and large corporations that demand maximum performance from their top rival, AMD has managed to launch a large portfolio aimed at professionals with its new family of Ryzen processors and EPYC for data centers.

Maintaining a great deal in the data center business is key for the next decade. Storing information is becoming cheaper, everything is saved, but now they need algorithms and a great computational power to make sense of them and serve the companies or governments. That’s where data centers come in, graphics cards with great computing power and neural networks that already have Google or Facebook underway. Continue Reading

ASUS ZenBook Flip S

ASUS ZenBook Flip S, The 4K does not fit big to this convertible of 1 kilogram!

Taking advantage of Computex, ASUS gave us know the latest venture by the convertible brand: the ASUS ZenBook Flip S. A device that leaves no doubt about what belongs lineage, characterized by thinness and aluminum, and we could test after his presentation, so we bring you our first impressions of ASUS ZenBook Flip S.

The impact of the design is given by presenting a product much lighter than its predecessor, the ASUS ZenBook Flip, and also by leaving no gap in the event for tablets as such. Their claims in addition to thinness: competent hardware and a waste of pixels on that 13.3-inch screen. Does the 4K fit this lightweight device? We tell you in as much detail as possible. Continue Reading

WiFi network

Why and how to change the name and password of your home WiFi network

Your router is the main gateway to your home network, and also to all the devices you have connected to it. Someone able to access it cannot only take advantage of your connection, in case it is someone with enough knowledge could have the keys to access the devices you have connected to it.

That is why it is highly recommended to change the name and password of your home WiFi network. Conforming to the default settings is one of the most common mistakes that users make, so today we will explain in a simple way how and why you have to change these parameters. Continue Reading

Razer Blade Pro

Razer Blade Pro is a monster with Kaby Lake processor and Nvidia GTX 1080

The device it replaces is not at all old, in fact was introduced last October, but it seems that in Razer intend to keep updating the most important teams. We’re going to show you the new 17-inch Razer Blade Pro and what’s new under your arm.

Before going into detail I put a little in position, this equipment is for those players looking for a laptop and have no problem with the budget, as is usual in the Razer offer. They try to mount an experience almost identical to that of a powerful desktop, in a relatively portable device. Continue Reading

Snapdragon 835

The Snapdragon 835 promises in almost everything, but it has an ace well kept in the sleeve

Qualcomm has been expecting something more than normal this year with its Snapdragon 835. Some models like the LG G6 have in fact had to give it up to launch as soon as possible, but soon will begin to arrive smartphones based on a SoC that again promises to be the king of performance in 2017.

We already have the first preliminary analysis of the performance of the Snapdragon 835, and everything points to the fact that we are facing a good evolution of Snapdragon 821. Many lights, some shadows and an important feature that could be the really important of this new SoC: its energy efficiency. Continue Reading

Lenovo ThinkPad P

The Lenovo ThinkPad P are fantastic portable workstations: Nvidia Quadro, Ultra HD and Thunderbolt 3

We spend a lot of time on the latest laptops with minimal thickness and gaming aspirations, but if what you are looking for are really powerful equipment that can be transported, then there are few brands that offer us what we need. We could say that Lenovo, HP, or MSI are some of those that have authentic portable workstations.

Today we are going to stop in the renewal of Lenovo laptops, in the ThinkPad P family, which is composed of the P51, P51s, and P71. They are characterized mainly by bringing the latest Intel and Nvidia inside, in addition to offering a maximum degree of resistance: Lenovo says it is military level.

Presented at Solidworks World 2017 we can say that the three teams are well staggered, starting with the most portable P51S, and ending with a monster like the P71, with a 17-inch screen. As usual in this type of notebook, there is a lot of configuration to choose, but try to understand what are the highlights. Continue Reading

QWERTY vs Dvorak

QWERTY vs Dvorak: The two great keyboards the time were born

It is more than likely that the keyboard you use to access is a QWERTY keyboard : this type of keyboard layout has become the fact standard of the industry and accompanies us in all our devices, but there is a whole world of alternatives.

Among them the most outstanding is the Dvorak keyboards, which were designed not for traditional typewriters, but to facilitate faster writing comfortable and with fewer errors. Does Dvorak fulfill his promise? Continue Reading