3 Best Multifunction Samsung Printer

Samsung Printer

Multifunction Samsung printer has various connectivity options, it is impossible not to mention the presence of Bluetooth, NFC and Google Cloud Printing, a choice that makes it extremely easy and quick to launch prints directly from your smartphone.

A couple of shortcomings, one related to the impossibility of making double-sided scans, the other of being able to print on sheets with a weight greater than 163 grams.

High print quality, a wealth of features and settings that facilitate connection with any type of device. All at a price, that makes it one of the cheapest models on the market.

It ensures high print quality thanks to the 4,800 dpi resolution and the integration of a particular technology aimed at making each image imprinted on paper sharper and more defined.

Many might consider the absence of WiFi to be an incomprehensible lack, given that it precludes the possibility of inserting the printer within an office network.

A multifunction that guarantees excellent quality prints and scans but that does not come cheap and that is limited by the absence of WiFi.

Installation and configuration are very simple; also the presence of NFC facilitates the connection with compatible smartphones.

The print quality is good but not impeccable, in particular as regards the rendering of some colors, such as violet, which tends to turn towards blue.

A device designed to be used, even from a smartphone, without getting lost in excessive configurations. Given the price, superior print quality could be expected.

How to choose the best multifunction Samsung printer?

Having a good printer at home or in the office, especially a multifunction printer, really makes life easier for those who have to deal with documents to be printed, faxes to be sent and photocopies to be made. We have therefore reviewed for you what we consider to be the best multifunction Samsung printer.

When purchasing this product, it is good to think about what type of features are most interesting, for example we need a printer that is able to work even through WiFi, i.e. sending files also from your smartphone or from other mobile devices directly without needing to use cables?

Or do we need a printer that has energy-saving options and then turns itself off when not in use, keeps track of daily energy usage or even corrects blank pages and also saves on toner and paper?

Also what kind of image quality do we need? How many prints do we want to be made per minute? What size would we like for our printer, would we like a smaller one or could a larger one be fine?

What you should look for, when buying a new multifunction printer, is first of all the ease of use, in fact it is important that this product is not complicated but that instead it has clear and simple instructions. Better if there is the possibility of automatic two-sided printing and of course the image quality is good, so it is always important to look at the resolution.

Samsung Xpress M2070FW

Samsung Printer

This low-cost multifunction Samsung printer is at its maximum potential; in fact, it has many interesting features as well as completely dedicated to efficiency, quality and technology.

Thanks to NFC technology, WiFi Direct and Google Cloud Print, you can print through your smartphone, just with a touch! The printer also makes copies and scans! The printing speed is 20 pages per minute and has a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 DPI, which is obtained by varying the size and position of the dots, in order to obtain more detailed prints.

An interesting feature is Easy Eco Driver, which allows you to save up to 20% on toners and sheets, allowing the user to remove unnecessary text or images. This printer also provides software support that helps to check the status of the prints, so that you can always reach the best quality.

Samsung Xpress M2875FD

Samsung Printer

This Samsung printer also has excellent features, some even more than the previous version, such as an improvement in the number of pages printed per minute that passes to 28, thanks to the powerful Cortex-A5 Core processor.

The prints are also made in a clear and clean way thanks to the resolution of 4800 x 600 DPI and the Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP) technology: the images or texts will therefore be extremely detailed and defined. The printer is also capable of handling different types of paper with a maximum weight of 220 grams per square meter.

The double-sided printing is integrated, as is the Easy Eco driver that allows you to save on paper and toner and also the Eco Stimulator that allows you to view the estimated percentage of reduction of CO2 and electricity: a useful function to understand the environmental and economic impact of the prints made.

Samsung SL C 480 FW

Samsung Printer

This Samsung color printer has a compact design and ensures maximum ease of use, in fact, it starts with a very simple installation in three phases and without the need for a USB connection, the SPSI program guarantees the automatic installation of the driver without the need of the CD.

Through NFC technology, just bring your smartphone closer to the Samsung printer to start printing: the dedicated app is quick and easy to use and allows you to print from mobile devices such as Kindle and tablets.

Prints up to 18 pages per minute, the colors are crisp and bright. Samsung Easy Eco technology minimizes waste, while the One Touch Eco system allows you to set energy saving modes, an advantage for the environment and for the bill.