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Virtual Reality: Opportunities not to be missed for companies and professionals

The ways in which Virtual Reality can be applied to the market are many and large technology companies such as Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, HTC and Facebook believe in this technology and have already deepened all the existing opportunities in the professional and corporate field. In this article we will focus specifically on Virtual Reality and the various applications that can be transversely useful to the private sector. Continue Reading

virtual reality

8K glasses what virtual reality needs?

Neither Oculus Rift nor HTC Vive seem to have achieved the revolution that virtual reality posed in a large number of fields. Video games have been the best excuse to try to sell the virtues of some products that still have not convinced the industry or users.

There are several aspects that limit these experiences, but now there is a little known manufacturer that wants to make a leap in quality. The Pimax 8K are a reality glasses compatible with SteamVR that stand out for their two 4K viewers and for a FOV of 200 degrees that theoretically will improve the visual experience in a remarkable way. Will that help this segment? Continue Reading

Feel cold, heat and pain when playing with virtual reality

Feel cold, heat and pain when playing with virtual reality: How ThermoReal aims to improve the experience?

With the progress and integration of sensors and other elements it seems that the idea of ​​intermingling sensations and electronics is enough to seduce us. We have seen attempts to send tastes electronically, and now what they are trying is that virtual reality stimulates the touch in addition to the sight, making us feel warm, cold and even pain. Continue Reading

Microsoft virtual reality

Microsoft has developed a couple of knobs to feel inside the virtual reality

Okay, we already have devices to live experiences of virtual reality, where most are based on what we perceive through sight leaving aside the other senses, although there are one to another project that seeks to offer audio, however, It is already working on devices that help to feel by touch in virtual reality experiences.

Microsoft through its research division, Microsoft Research, is releasing the first details of a project to develop controls to feel in virtual reality, this means of devices not only give haptic feedback, but also be able to simulate virtual objects to bring a new level of reality our hands. Continue Reading


These headphones promise to immerse ourselves in 3D sounds to feel the virtual reality

Ok, we have the ability of being in virtual reality experiences, but in most cases these visual experiences, except in the case of HTC Vive also allows you to interact with the controls, everything enters the eye and stops side ear, which makes the immersion is not total because everything comes from the same source, which is no longer consistent with what you’re seeing.

Thus, now a device that promises to bring virtual reality experience straight to our ears arises, this through headphones capable of reproducing 3D audio and base audio transmission on physiological characteristics of the user, so that we can get into virtual reality through sounds. We are learning about X OSSIC. Continue Reading