Making friends in the virtual reality of Facebook, Samsung and Oculus

Virtual reality of Facebook

We will not be us who give them work priorities to Oculus, but considering that Facebook decided to buy them, it was inevitable that did not end leveraging its technology to relate it to social networks. We have seen many concepts and ideas about it, but now we want to go making clear his intentions.

Virtual reality of Facebook
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The path that has been taken is to place Oculus first battle line, next to one of the star gadgets – price and availability – in virtual reality: Gear VR. They have begun to announce a series of new features for Samsung’s helmet, all very focused on social issues.


Since Oculus have always said that virtual reality had to become an experience to share, it seems difficult to get them alive in a collaborative way, but it is easy to introduce social components that relate to contacts.

What is better way than integrating a system of contacts to Facebook style?

Trivia, videos and a game

With the new options will be possible to know that a friend has put his glasses, a notification will tell us who is online. From there we can do things with them because they are developing different experiences and games that take advantage of the connection:

  • We have a kind Trivia game, in fact it is called ‘Social Trivia‘, in which we can interact and compete with our knowledge in a virtual scenario
  • You can also create private rooms in which to view multimedia content with friends – Vimeo, YouTube, or Twitch – they call this ‘Social Oculus‘.
  • There is room for games like ‘Herobound: Gladiators‘. You you can do to the idea, a title in which four players interact collaboratively with components of action and strategy. Take the opportunity to put a real – time chat.

The possibility will be launched the next day March 10, which curiously coincides with the date on Oculus Rift, begins to reach buyers.

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It seems that users of certain phones Samsung will have priority with the operation of the application, as are those who get along well with Gear VR Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, and Galaxy Note 5 and 4.

We do not know if the account to operate on the network Oculus has to be related to Oculus, but you see that the contact system is similar: more friends and notifications.

Oculus Video opens the door to Facebook

From the point of view of video consumption there is long way to go, rightly Facebook is gaining great importance in this field, and are preparing to be the ideal accommodation contained in 360 degrees.

The idea is that from the window that provides the helmet can interact with the typical actions of the social network: share, I like, comment. In the application of Oculus Video is a “Facebook Video” tab that opens this possibility.