Not only glasses, Google prepares an elaborate system of virtual reality, according WSJ

More and more tracks that relate to Google with virtual reality, something that goes beyond their Cardboard, and that it seems that in Mountain View want to take a step further and compete directly with the developments of Oculus, HTC and Sony.

All these rumors ripped earlier this year when Google confirmed the creation of a department dedicated to the development of virtual reality, there were details of an alleged Android VR, a new version of its popular operating system, but the important thing is that all this took us to that Google is working on its own hardware, with data that took power during the weekend, but now the Wall Street Journal is confirming the rumor that Google is about to release a pair of glasses and a system of virtual reality this 2016.

An autonomous system of virtual reality

The information in the diary, brings new information that it plans to Google in the field of virtual reality, as first presented an update on its Cardboard, only this time it would be made of plastic and equip sensors and its own sensor, remain dependent on a smartphone, but here the intention is to compete with the Samsung Gear VR, now, an economic approach to virtual reality.

On the other hand, we have the attractive part and with which Google wants to go all out in this area, as it would be developing a stand-alone virtual reality glasses, i.e. ones that do not depend on external sources such as a computer console or smartphone, all content would live spectacles.

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This advanced kit VR would be equipped with its own command and sensors, it is still unknown how access to content would, but the first rumors speak of his own ‘VR Play Store’ based on the assumption Android VR, here glasses would connect directly and without intermediaries. Meanwhile glasses count with WiFi, high-resolution displays, powerful processor and cameras to move to the real space of the room connectivity, similar to what we have in the HTC Vive Pre.

Regular updates of the Cardboard and this new kit of virtual reality and software, expected to be presented in May at the Google I / O 2016, but only the new Cardboard would be released immediately, because the software and the kit would come in a version for developers, in order to have the complete package by the end of 2016 .