These headphones promise to immerse ourselves in 3D sounds to feel the virtual reality


Ok, we have the ability of being in virtual reality experiences, but in most cases these visual experiences, except in the case of HTC Vive also allows you to interact with the controls, everything enters the eye and stops side ear, which makes the immersion is not total because everything comes from the same source, which is no longer consistent with what you’re seeing.

Thus, now a device that promises to bring virtual reality experience straight to our ears arises, this through headphones capable of reproducing 3D audio and base audio transmission on physiological characteristics of the user, so that we can get into virtual reality through sounds. We are learning about X OSSIC.

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OSSIC X: The Oculus Rift ear

A few months ago, Samsung presented an experiment that consisted of a 4D headphones, which had galvanic vestibular stimulation to “trick” our inner ear so you can “feel” the virtual reality. In the case of the X OSSIC the idea is less complex, because everything rests on a calibration according to the size of the user’s head and the characteristics of their ears.

In addition, it relies on the development of algorithms that emit sounds throughfour conductors in each ear that change according to the movements of the head, as they detect the position of the head or when the user rotates or look up or down, so you can sync with the virtual reality experiences even movies with Dolby Atmos, or music with 3D audio settings.

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At first glance this might sound to some fantastic point, but the company presented its first prototypes at CES 2016 and in February this year launched a funding campaign on Kickstarter, which grossed $ 2.7 million from an initial target 100,000, which has put this company on the map and many companies are interested in learning about this project.

Ty Ahmad-Taylor, CEO of THX, has been among the first to approach the company to test the X OSSIC, and is currently interested in working with them to create individual 3D audio experience in movies and animated series. Of course the main focus of these headphones are your possibilities in the field of virtual reality , which already have begun working with game developers to synchronize audio to 3D images.

Today the company has opened the reservations of the X OSSIC on its website, which can be purchased for $ 299 for first -time buyers, who will receive them in December this year, at which time we will know if it’s true what they promise.