pedometer apps

The best pedometer apps for Android and iOS

Knowing how many steps you take during the day can be very useful for those who practice mild physical activity and want to know how far it goes every day, so that you can adopt a balanced diet to burn calories.

With all the sensors that are equipped with modern Android and iOS smartphones (including GPS) and with the arrival of smart band and smartwatch (equipped with a dedicated pedometer sensor), it is really very simple to use a pedometer app to devote to the purpose. Discover in this guide which are the best free pedometer applications that you can download via Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS devices. Continue Reading

Free App Stores For Android

Google Play Alternative Free App Stores For Android

The applications are really what give life to our smartphones. If we unlock and look at the main screen of our mobile, we will see how we have a large number of installed applications that allow us to do a lot of things from the phone itself. A number, which also tends to grow little by little, as more and more applications can interest us to have installed on the mobile. That’s not to mention the amount of games that we install and uninstall and that make us have a good time from the mobile. In the Android environment, Google Play is usually the Store where many go to download all kinds of Android apps, however, there are so many free app stores for android that we can use to install apps on our mobile. Continue Reading

fraudulent applications on Android

How to detect fraudulent applications on Android

Every time there is a big release, the fake applications appear. It happened with WhatsApp, the rental application, Super Mario Run , Pokémon Go , Apex Legends and many more. The problem is how to detect that an app is fraudulent.

In this article we will tell you six clues that you can use to determine if an app is possibly a scam, has malware or simply is not who it claims to be. If possible, before installing it, when the damage would have been done. Continue Reading


Windows 10 and Android live in GOLE1, a handheld touchscreen

If you start looking for small computers with Windows 10 and hardware Intel, you get bored, but if you’re looking for something very portable, the supply is reduced. If you put up a condition that the gadget has integrated display, few clunkers will find interesting. I invite you to meet one that meets these things and is called GOLE1.

Basically it is a desktop computer that we can carry. I mean, the hardware and connections GOLE1 offers allows us to place you monitor and peripherals to work with him on a table. But the really interesting – I do not know if practical – you see there is a touch screen and a battery that allows us to start our applications anywhere. Continue Reading

Android Browser

Top 5 best browser for Android

Who among us can give up a web experience pleasant and complete?

It happens every day to anyone with a smartphone or tablet to have to look for information on the web, but this is not always a good practice because maybe the pages load slowly or because you do not have a very fast connection, well, for this reason I selected the five best browser for Android (free) and can be downloaded directly from the Play Store. Continue Reading

Android Keyboards

The best alternative keyboards for Android

You are looking for an alternative to the keyboard pre-installed in your device? This article is just for you!

Let’s start by answering the question: Why change the keyboard? There are many answers, for example searching for a app alternative because  the system keyboard is too small , does not have the support to increasingly use emoji, or simply do not like the style of keyboard and we want one that is suited to our. Continue Reading