The Best game app for iPhone and Android

Best Games for iPhone and Android

Ended the era in which the maximum to a cell phone was a few games offer endless Snake, here, smartphone in hand, with regard to games, there’s always more spoiled for choice between the app to download.

Sometimes we realize there tired of an application and then off to download new ones, all completely free of charge or for a fee, as long as you play.

Best Games for iPhone and Android
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The imperative now seems to not give us more chance. To date, there is no owner of smartphones that have not downloaded to your iPhone or similar, at least one of the games intended to enter the top ten best game applications.

For owners of the iPhone of Apple, it seems that the ranking that we can draw is quite different than their counterparts who prefer Android instead.

Hyper Jump takes place in the first place among the most downloaded games followed by Beach Buggy Blitz and Candy Crush Saga holding the podium. Positions not too shared instead by Android conferring gold medal in Angry Birds (perhaps because the iPhone version is a fee), Candy Crush Saga and following and Ruzzle, and the holders of the iPhone is only in fourth place.

Temple Run is stable in a tete a tete with Cut The Rope, the cutest puzzle of the moment followed by Eternity Warriors 2 and Air Attack HD Lite.

The two like Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry are two of the most downloaded games coming in, briefly, in our rankings.

Actually then it would have to do another matter as regards the app in general, since it seems that those downloaded from iPhone owners often relate to plans and business, while for Android, the favorite are those such as Trip Advisor concerning resorts, hotels and restaurants.