Windows 10 and Android live in GOLE1, a handheld touchscreen


If you start looking for small computers with Windows 10 and hardware Intel, you get bored, but if you’re looking for something very portable, the supply is reduced. If you put up a condition that the gadget has integrated display, few clunkers will find interesting. I invite you to meet one that meets these things and is called GOLE1.

Basically it is a desktop computer that we can carry. I mean, the hardware and connections GOLE1 offers allows us to place you monitor and peripherals to work with him on a table. But the really interesting – I do not know if practical – you see there is a touch screen and a battery that allows us to start our applications anywhere.

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The screen of 5 inches we crave something small for a system like Windows 10, but we must comment that is IPS type and has a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. Very interesting to see that the way to pass information to a large screen is via an HDMI output.

On the hardware side, because inside is a Intel Atom of Cherry Trail (x5-Z8300), which can be chosen with family 2, or 4GB of RAM. There are also two options for storage, with 32 and 64GB memory. On autonomy, not expected to be strong, with a battery of 2.600mAh, it seems to us little to what he has to move (official figures speak of two hours).

Following the connectivity, we appreciate that everything is included: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, four USB ports, one of which is 3.1, a microUSB that can be loaded, and no microSD card slot, even port Ethernet.

GOLE1 has complete dimensions of 13, 4×9, 1×2 only centimeters and weighs 200 grams. On the positive side say that this is a gadget that is slightly larger than a phone, so it is not impossible to carry it with some comfort. It is true that loses some grace in this sense by adding modules – there is one for a 2.5-inch SSD drive – but also allows us to grow in possibilities.

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The option is offered android, standard. Yes, its developers do not see problem that Intel hardware and the screen associated with the operating system of Google. There is a “switch to Android” application that we restart the computer with Android 5.1.

We cannot say that we are stealing from him, the Chinese company that manufactures and incubating will Indiegogo since July, asking $ 80 for the most basic configuration, and up to $ 100 on top. When reality these prices will rise 20 and 30 dollars respectively.

It seems too low a price for something that has Windows license, should not rise if it appears in markets like ours because Microsoft wants to encourage use of the system on mobile devices, and has recently changed the minimum requirements, in addition to flexible licensing issue.