The best alternative keyboards for Android

Android Keyboards

You are looking for an alternative to the keyboard pre-installed in your device? This article is just for you!

Let’s start by answering the question: Why change the keyboard? There are many answers, for example searching for a app alternative because  the system keyboard is too small , does not have the support to increasingly use emoji, or simply do not like the style of keyboard and we want one that is suited to our.

Android Keyboards
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Let’s look at some of the most suitable candidates to carry out this important task; we can download directly from PlayStore:

Touchpal keyboard

It is the first alternative keyboard I’ve tried and I was pleasantly surprised, first of whether it is a keyboard completely free (apart from a handful of themes and add-ons), but I was surprised by the fact that this is the only keyboard that allows you to customize the layout , I’ll explain: using this keyboard you can choose to use the standard layout “qwerty” 26 key, the classic phone keypad complete with T9 or a third type of exclusive layout for this keyboard with 12 keys style qwerty. Other features of this app are the emoji art integrated that in my opinion are a great alternative to normal emoji and are also more expressive.

Swiftkey keyboard

Swiftkey is among the best-known alternative keyboards for Android, until a few months ago were paying but now you can download it from PlayStore free. Why choose this among other? The main features that Swiftkey promises are: Swype predictions contextual and accurate, and I have to say is the truth. But be careful: this keyboard is really greedy RAM and therefore not suitable for low-end devices.

Fleksy keyboard

Fleksy is a keyboard-style “qwerty” rather particular, many of you will know since this keyboard has been awarded the Guinness World Record for the write speed, what this app offers is convenience; it is immediately and write the ability to click a wrong letter is minimized by the clever arrangement of characters. Practicality was talking about is that you can make some gestures called “gestures” instead of pressing the space key and the delete key, very comfortable. Fleksy costs but you will have 30 days to try to decide whether to buy it or not.

Minuum keyboard

Minuum is a keyboard that integrates a style truly innovative, as you see in the picture the keyboard is reduced to a small “strip”, the keys are grouped and then you press the letter combination will create a set of words based on your habits. The system at the beginning is a little difficult but just a day of exercise to take my hand and if you fail you can always expand the keyboard with a specific gesture. Try free for 30 days and if Minuum is for you can buy it.

Google keyboard

The keyboard Google brings style AOSP original on all devices and is suitable for those looking for a tool lightweight and without frills, with few features (including emoji and integrated spell-check). Unlike most keyboards this is not it delicious RAM and therefore can be used safely on any device.