Google Play Alternative Free App Stores For Android

Free App Stores For Android

The applications are really what give life to our smartphones. If we unlock and look at the main screen of our mobile, we will see how we have a large number of installed applications that allow us to do a lot of things from the phone itself. A number, which also tends to grow little by little, as more and more applications can interest us to have installed on the mobile. That’s not to mention the amount of games that we install and uninstall and that make us have a good time from the mobile. In the Android environment, Google Play is usually the Store where many go to download all kinds of Android apps, however, there are so many free app stores for android that we can use to install apps on our mobile.

In Google Play you have millions of applications and games ready to download on your mobile. However, when downloading, there are usually some obstacles that prevent us from enjoying the application or game on our Android device.

Obstacles as restrictions for our country, for the version of Android installed on our mobile or for money … if because some applications are paid and we do not have the resources or means to pay the developer.

However, we present below the top Google Play alternative free apps stores for Android. Where you will find applications and games that can be downloaded for free, download the APK file (installer) to avoid restrictions and much more.

Free app stores for Android

Amazon Appstore

It is mainly aimed at its line of tablets and smartphones created by Amazon. Although it has fewer applications and games, its main advantage is the daily promotions of payment applications to download for free. In truth you have free Premium applications.


It is the second alternative application store for Android preferred by many users. Mainly by offering all free and even some paid Google Play applications you can download for free through the APK file.

To date, it has more than 600,000 Apps uploaded by users, developers and partners. The apps are downloaded through its Official App, App Line and App for TV (For SmartTV).


When you google search the apk file of any application, Uptodown appears in the first results, this is because it is top of the most popular websites to download applications safely and legally.

Recently the Uptodown app was updated offering the possibility that the Apks downloads are updated automatically. This is really a gem because you can download apps regardless of the restrictions or blocking of your country.


It is not an application to have the mobile, but an online repository of the most recent versions of your favorite apps. It is a community created by Android Police where APK files upload so you can update or download an app at any time without relying on google play.


A light alternative with which you can see recommendations of the day, ranking and categories. It has application manager to update apps, downloaded and installed. You can download apps without countries blocking. You can download applications securely with the option to pause / restore.

XDA Labs

It is a large community where you can find and download applications. There are no restrictions. All types of payment, including Bitcoins, are accepted. View applications by category, recently updated apps. See mobile applications Root. Download Wallpapers.

More alternatives to Google Play

F-Droid: Contains only open source apps, where it has more than 2000 apps.

SlideMe: Contains a smaller catalog of apps (45,000) but focuses on offering free paid apps but reviewed by the community that do not have malware.

MoboMarket: Uses for more than 100 Million users, MoboMarket offers the most popular games and apps in your area, apps recommended by publishers and download apps in a safe way.

Mobogenie: It has an intelligent recommendation engine that analyzes your preferences and makes sensible suggestions. It also works as a file manager, and it allows you to download other content beyond applications, such as wallpapers, ringtones, books and YouTube videos.

Samsung Galaxy Apps: Samsung has been offering a wide range of its own services and content on all its devices, and that includes applications.

These are the main alternatives to Google Play so you can find the best games and applications for your Android. Remember that every week we publish a weekly top with new apps.

Some advantages of using alternative free app stores for Android

Many may wonder why they should go to markets or alternative free app stores for Android instead of going to Google Play. Well, some of the advantages of these free stores are the ability to download certain applications that are not available in Google Play in our country or that their versions are not compatible with the Android version of our phone, for example. In addition, we may also find other applications that we cannot find in the official store of Android apps or open source alternatives that can offer us other interesting functions.

Even so, surely many users still do not trust much of the alternative free app stores for Android. They fear of being infected with viruses or any other type of malware. However, the mentioned above free app stores for Android offer a high level of security, since all their APKs are reviewed by antivirus to offer maximum confidence to users. It must also be said that neither Google Play nor other markets of Android apps guarantee that at any given moment apps with bad intentions have been sneaked in, so our common sense and caution comes into play.