10 Tips for Making a Winning Instagram Marketing Campaign

Marketing on Instagram is not as easy as it looks. To achieve success marketing your business on Instagram, you’ll need a clever, effective, and strategic campaign. With that in mind, here are 10 tips for succeeding in your Instagram marketing campaign.

  1. Use hashtags.

Recently, hashtags have become a big part of Instagram. They are used not only for business but also for personal accounts to promote posts and engage with new audiences. By using a hashtag, you make it easier for the right customers to find you.

  1. Engage with your customers.

Building a strong rapport with your customers is essential in bringing your business to success. Fortunately, there are many ways to engage with your customers. A quick way to do this is to respond to your customer’s comments on your posts. They’ll feel good knowing that you’ve read and heard the commentary they have given to your company. You should also make sure to follow back customers, like photos, and comment on their posts. It’s essential to maintain a give-and-take relationship with your customers, especially on social media.

  1. Mention relevant people.

Like hashtags, mentions are a huge part of Instagram. They are used to reference people on your posts to get their attention. To do this effectively, make sure to mention followers, customers, and other relevant users. You can even mention celebrities and other popular industry leaders who are relevant to your product or service offerings. More people will care to read your posts when they see big-time people tagged on them. Don’t go too far in doing this, though, and make sure you only mention people that your customers will actually engage with.

  1. Share your story.

Usually, personal accounts are more attractive than business accounts. So, to attract more customers, add a little of your real, personal story to some of your posts and have personal Instagram accounts of chief personnel referenced by the company account when it feels relevant.

  1. Make your posts at top quality.

Nobody wants to spend their time staring at a low-quality post. Use high definition cameras in capturing photos that you share. If this is not possible, hire a photographer to make sure everything in your post is in-line with photographic rules along with the right angles, balanced lighting, and other photography tricks.

  1. Use photo caption posts.

Captioned photos are also attractive to customers. You can use your business photos as the background, or you can simply use a theme, motif, or color for the backdrop. Captions can be more than a saying or a quote. You can also ask questions of your customers. Either way, it has to be striking for the customers to want to engage.

  1. Be time-consistent.

Make your posting time consistent. This allows your followers to notice your brand on a regular basis. With this, you can also promote your Instagram page with a touch of familiarity to your customers.

  1. Geotag your posts.

As much as possible, always add geotags on your posts. Use Photo Map to tag your location along your posts. This can attract more customers located in nearby areas.

  1. Stay on trend.

Most social media platforms, including Instagram, promote posts that use trends and trending hashtags. Users tend to always go along with what’s trending. It really makes sense to be as equally knowledgeable about the newest trends as any other customer.

  1. Bring offline online and vice versa.

Your business should hop between both the offline and the online world. As much as possible, bring everything that’s happening offline to online posts and vice versa by promoting your Instagram in offline communication as well.

Instagram marketing calls for different strategies and tools in business. To ensure that you create a winning Instagram marketing campaign, make sure to use the tips mention above. With these tips, a successful Instagram marketing operation is almost guaranteed.