The Icon A5 is the amazing seaplane with folding wings we all want to have

The Icon A5

The planes are clear protagonists of integrating new technologies into their designs, but there is a model in this field was particularly awaited by fans of air sports. This is the Icon A5, a monoplane seaplane high wing that has become their first days of production.

One of its most striking features is being able to take off and land both on water and on land, but it adds an interesting design with folding wings and the fact that they say is one of the easiest aircraft to pilot the world.

The Icon A5
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A plane that almost fits in the garage

Those who have thus proved the claim, and indeed after eight years developing the result that expectation generated revenues of $ 450 million in orders to users that yes, they have to wait up to 3 years due to the enormous expectations which has made the manufacturer cannot cope with how quickly demand would.

This seaplane is aimed at pilots who have the certification to fly below 10,000 feet in good condition and always day, which facilitates obtaining a permit: half hours are required than a conventional permission, although it is true those pilots with better preparation and more experience can use in more complex situations.

The creator of this seaplane was pilot of American Airlines and also flew F-16s for the Air Force. Sometime later he realized he wanted to offer the possibility to more and more people, and the result is the Icon A5 spoken of as a “democratizing aviation”, a vehicle that goes a step beyond ultra light starring the sports aviation and it even has an assumable for what is handled in this area price: $ 250,000 may be yours.

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That ease of driving is enhanced with features like its “anti-spin” system that allows a pilot to maintain control of the airplane even a drop in losses that may complicate the flight of the apparatus. This is avoided with such systems that block the use of too steep angles of attack: the plane alerts you of the error, but you can logically continue climbing.

Not only that: on the plane is an emergency parachute included for cases that even with these security measures we have lost control of the plane. That coupled with the ability to land both on land and in water -yes make this two-seater is also biplaza- an entire object of desire for fans to sport aviation.