What Bugs are Living in the Drains?

Drains are a necessity to help keep our homes clean and to ensure that we have water that is dirty taken away to be processed safely. However, long before the water reaches the water treatment plant, the drains are full of bacteria and other nasties and also provide a home for many creatures that thrive on the waste products that we put down the drains.

Problems can occur when these creatures enter your home as they can spread nasty illnesses, and if you have problems with your drains, it is more likely that you are at risk of being invaded by pests. If you suspect that you have an issue with your drains then you should get a professional like this CCTV drain surveys company https://www.drainpower.co.uk/drainage-services/cctv-drain-surveys to come and check it for you and then to make the necessary repairs to the drain.

These are some of the bugs that are commonly found inhabiting the drains of the UK…

Fruit Flies – You may have come across these tiny critters before, if you have ever left any food somewhere and forgotten about it these are the first creatures that it attracts. As the name suggests, rotten fruit and veg are their favourites, so if food debris makes its way down your drain, you may well be at risk of having an invasion of these little flies. Make sure that you thoroughly clean off plates and put it into your food waste bin to prevent food from going into the sink.

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Drain Flies – Also known as moth flies because they resemble moths, you are more likely to spot these creatures outside, and they breed in drains and septic tanks. If you spot them, it is likely that you have a leak in a pipe as they will also be attracted to soil that has sewage in it, so you should get it checked out quickly as they are a sure sign that there is sewage where it shouldn’t be.

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Cockroaches – These hardy bugs thrive in drains and have a love of damp places. You may spot them in the kitchen or the bathroom, but because they tend to come out when it is dark, you are more likely to notice the signs that they are around rather than the bugs themselves. Shed skin and a strange smell of their droppings are two very common signs of a cockroach infestation.