Great ideas for front door planters

Front door planters are a great way to add colour to your home, no matter the weather. Gardening in planters provides flexibility, as you can change up the plants and flowers present with ease. They also create a welcoming environment in your garden, both for humans and insects.
Deciding the style for your new garden planters can be difficult as the options are endless. Planters can be used for practical improvements, such as adding shade, or to brighten your front step.

Ideas for front door planters

There are many styles you can use to spruce up your composite doors Stroud with garden planters:

You could try using a monochromatic or two-tone colour palette to help your house look clean and coordinated.

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You could match your flowers and plants to the colour of your house – or contrast this by choosing opposite colours.

If you’re not a flower person, you could opt for succulents which are an ultra-low maintenance plant and therefore perfect for those without a green thumb. Other low-maintenance plants include lavender and lamb’s ear, both of which are happy throughout most British weather.

Matching your door to your house

Once you have decided on a colour palette for your home, you may find yourself wanting to upgrade your front door to match. If you’re considering improving the look of your home with a modern composite door, you’ll want to use a specialist supplier, such as, that offers a variety of colours and materials.

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When shopping for a composite door in Stroud, trusted suppliers will work with you to find the perfect door for you. Whether this is a bright tangerine or a soft French grey, you’re sure to find a colour that matches your new front garden.