How to Use Monster Smart Led Light Strip Without Wifi?

Monster Smart Led Light Strip

LED light strips have become increasingly popular for their versatility and energy efficiency in recent years. Monster is one of the leading brands of bright LED light strips that can be controlled via smartphone apps and voice assistants. However, many Monster light strips require a WiFi connection to enable these intelligent features.

If you want to use the basic functionality of your Monster LEDs without needing WiFi, a few options are available. In this guide, I’ll explain the key things you need to know to use Monster smart LED light strip without wifi.

What Are Monster Smart LED Light Strips?

Monster LED light strips are flexible ribbons of LEDs that can be installed in various places, such as behind furniture, under cabinets, or along walls. They come in reels that can be cut to size.

Many Monster light strip models include Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, enabling control via the Monster Smart app. This allows you to change colors, adjust brightness, set timers/schedules, and sync the lights to music.

Some familiar Monster LED strip models that work with the Monster Smart app include:

  • Illuminessence WiFi LED Strip
  • Illuminessence Bluetooth LED Strip
  • Luminescence Color Smart LED Strip
  • Smart Lightstrip WiFi Enabled LED Strip

However, WiFi is not required for primary use of the lights. The strips can still be powered on, cycled through colors, and dimmed through an included IR remote or controller.

Can Monster Light Strips Work Without WiFi?

Yes, Monster LED strips can function without a WiFi connection!

Without WiFi, smart features like app/voice control, timers, and music sync will be limited. However, you can still turn the lights on/off, change colors, adjust brightness, and use preset modes with the included IR remote or controller.

So, if you don’t have WiFi available where you want to install the lights or simply enjoy a straightforward setup without dealing with apps and wireless connectivity, Monster LED strips will still work for you.

Setting Up Monster LED Strips Without WiFi

Setting Up Monster LED Strips Without WiFi

Here are the key steps to install and use Monster LED strips without a WiFi connection:

1. Pick a Location

Determine where you want to install the LED strip lights. Popular options are under cabinets and shelves, behind furniture or TVs, or along walls or ceilings.

Make sure your location allows you to plug in the power adapter nearby. Some strips come with extensions for hard-to-reach areas.

2. Prepare the Surface

Thoroughly clean and dry the installation surface. LED strips have adhesive backing, but extra preparation can help them stick firmly.

For best adhesion, lightly sand any glossy surfaces before applying the strip. Wipe down any grease, dirt, or dust with rubbing alcohol.

3. Cut The Strip to Length

Measure and cut the LED strip to your desired length using scissors. Monster strips have cut points every 1-3 inches. Cut at the marked points to get clean breaks.

Avoid making the strip too long, as voltage drops can cause light quality issues. Keep strips under 10 feet for best performance.

4. Peel and Apply LED Strip

Remove the backing tape and carefully press the strip to adhere it to the surface. Apply firm pressure along the entire strip to ensure it’s stuck securely.

Use the included clips or a special LED mounting tape to provide extra support if needed. This prevents sagging, especially for longer trips.

5. Connect Power

Plug the power adapter into an outlet and connect it to the power input on your LED strip. Many Monster strips have a small control box that the adapter connects to.

Turn on the power switch on the adapter or controller box. Your LED strip lights should now turn on!

6. Sync IR Remote

Most Monster LED strips have a small IR remote to control essential functions. To sync it, press the power button on the remote while the lights are on.

If the strip has a sync button, press that as well. The lights may blink a few times when the remote pairs successfully.

7. Use IR Remote Functions

Once synced and powered on, you can now use the remote to:

  • Turn the LED strip on and off
  • Brighten and dim
  • Cycle through solid color options
  • Activate preset light modes like fade, jump, or strobe
  • Adjust RGB color values to mix custom colors

The options will vary based on your Monster LED strip model. But the core functions work the same without needing WiFi connectivity.

Tips for Using Monster LED Strips Without WiFi

Here are some handy tips and best practices when setting up and using your Monster LED strips without WiFi:

  • Ensure your remote has a clear line of sight to the IR receiver on the strip. Obstructions can interfere with the signal.
  • If using an extension cable, choose a thick gauge wire designed for LED strip lights to prevent voltage drop.
  • Hold down the color mode button on the remote to cycle colors faster.
  • Keep the LEDs facing outward toward the room for the best light spread.
  • If the lights start to flicker or dim, your strip may be too long. Shorten or add a boost power supply.
  • Use the memory function on the remote to save your favorite settings. This will recall them when you turn the lights back on.
  • Install any power connectors with the strips to extend your lights around corners or splits.
  • Handle LED strips gently and be careful not to damage the circuits when installing.

With those tips, your Monster LED lights should work great for essential use without needing WiFi connectivity or smartphone control. The included remote has you covered for a streamlined lighting experience!

In Summary

How to Use Monster Smart Led Light Strip Without Wifi

Monster’s bright LED light strips can be used without WiFi connectivity. While you’ll lose app and voice control functionality, the core features like on/off, dimming, colors and lighting modes can all still be accessed using the included IR remote controller. As long as you have Power to the lights, they will work great for essential use without needing any wireless setup. With a straightforward installation and the handy remote, Monster’s LED strips offer versatile lighting even without WiFi!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Monster light strips without the app or WiFi?

Yes, absolutely. The app and WiFi provide advanced features, but the core functions like turning the lights on/off, changing colors, and adjusting brightness can all be done with the included IR remote controller without WiFi.

Do I need the Monster Smart app for any setup?

Nope, the app is not at all required for standard setup and use if you don’t have WiFi available where the lights are installed. You can do the whole process of preparing, installing, and controlling the lights with just the remote.

What’s the range of the IR remote?

Most Monster remotes have a range of 15-20 feet. Make sure you have line-of-sight to the strip and point the remote directly at the lights for best reception. The range may be reduced when using extensions or installing behind furniture.

Can I cut Monster strips and still use them without WiFi?

Yes, you can cut the strips along the marked points to customize the length, and the lights will still work fine with the remote; no WiFi is needed. Just be sure not to make them too long to prevent voltage drop and dimming the lights at the end.

How do I turn Monster LEDs on without the remote?

If you lose the remote, you can power the lights on and off by plugging/unplugging the adapter directly. Some strips also have a small power button on the control box you can use. The remote is needed for adjusting colors, modes, etc.