Moto G4 Plus

Moto G4 Plus after a month of use, end up convincing yourself

The initial reaction to the arrival of the new Moto G manufactured by Lenovo was uneven: the identity of that family created by Motorola disappeared now that Lenovo took the reins, and had a different bet. Probably more suited to the times, something that some users were reluctant to accept favorably.

We neither saw very clear, but after the initial analysis of the G4 Moto Plus we could spend a month with a device that goes from strength to strength and has just convinced by their successes. It may not be that device star, but certainly still maintains a quality price / performance especially remarkable.

Major changes outside …

Much changed in this new Moto G family of Lenovo. To start we have three different versions of Moto G4, of which the analyzed by us is the most powerful (and expensive). In this Moto Plus G4 and G4 Moto normal design is conditioned by one of its distinctive features: the diagonal screen, which goes from 5 inches from the previous generation to 5.5 inches of these models. Continue Reading

Moto Z

Moto Z, the new high-end Motorola is here, and brings company …

It was the most anticipated event of Lenovo and it’s finally official. Rumors were not wrong, the new flagship of Motorola Moto called Z, leaving the X had been using until now to baptize their high end. But the name is not the only change; Moto Z comes with a vitamin technical profile and an ultra -thin design that does not go unnoticed.

The leaks had already been responsible for gutting possible technical sheet of this Moto Z and now we have all the data to see whether or not they were right. The Moto Z does not come alone, makes the hand of a good range of accessories that Motorola has named MotoMods, a kind of rear modules that extend its functionality. That’s proposal for high – end Motorola. Continue Reading


Ubuntu finally turns your smartphone into a desktop PC, and does so via Miracast

The promise of convergence was too good to be true. Canonical made us dream, but the platform has finally reached the market has shown that both smartphones and tablets, there is still a long way to go for Ubuntu.

Today, however, have taken an important step: the latest update of the mobile operating system achieves something that until now was not available for users of Ubuntu on smartphones: now can turn your phone into a desktop PC wirelessly thanks to the Miracast technology. Continue Reading

Moto G

Motorola Moto G (2016) and Moto G Plus, first impressions worth the increase of price

Year after year, Motorola has renewed its line Moto G, one of the most recommended and even some award winner since its launch in 2013. This time we see how Lenovo launches a new version twice, Moto G and Moto G Plus.

This year the new Moto G grow and reach the 5.5 inches, go to a higher category of Qualcomm chip, Octacore Snapdragon 617 and become part of standard 2 GB of RAM. The Plus model has additional enhancements such as a camera or 16 Mpx fingerprint reader, however, be worthwhile even with the price increase in this range?

Design inspired by Moto X … but polycarbonate

The body of the new Motorola Moto G and Moto G plus boast that design that looked Moto X and even hinted that the Nexus 6 last year. We see a remarkable change from Motorola Moto G (2015) and the biggest differences are larger, partly due to the screen, and the features are on the way: water resistance or double front speaker.

The back is covered by a lid with rubbery finish, pleasant to the touch and improves grip of these 5.5-inch models. Continue Reading

Moto G Play

Moto G Play: Lenovo also has a Moto G for lovers of 5-inches

After the officially launched in India the two new models that were supposed would replace the Moto G line 5 inches. The Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus have opened a gap of half an inch compared to the previous generation and many wondered what would happen to the faithful followers of the 5-inch models.

The answer to our question has not been slow in coming because Lenovo has made official a new terminal, the Moto G Play that seems clearly the evolution of the Moto E but for now Lenovo has not confirmed that the E will disappear facilitator this new device. What is true is that we have a Moto G or two, we have three new models. Continue Reading

Xiaomi Max

Xiaomi Max: Survival format phablet coated metal and barely frames

So far this year we have seen that some manufacturers have opted for compact terminals with respect to their predecessors, but that does not mean there is no room for large ones. At least that is warning us Xiaomi especially since a few days ago with teasers smartphone introduced today: the Xiaomi Max.

A new smartphone that is placed on the ground phablet with 6.44 inches as we saw in the latest leaks coming from the certifier Chinese TENAA. What we also saw anticipation is that the Chinese manufacturer bet again for the metal to cover the entire back of this giant. Continue Reading

LG fingerprint sensor

LG goes buttons and the fingerprint sensor hides behind the screen

No turning back with biometric sensors, will accompany us on mobile devices, in virtually all price levels. Mobile phones are those who have made the most important advance by placing the fingerprint recognition on its surface, but as with everything, there is much room for improvement.

It seems that in operation has reached a very good level in speed and quality, but possibly in design has to give some over the matter. Some manufacturers like to place them in the back of the terminal, others sent to the front in the lower zone, and we have even seen cases where the sensor is on the side of the phone. LG is committed to do practically invisible to our sight and touch. Continue Reading

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 reports to a powerful economic results

Samsung begins to breathe differently; better, their numbers are much nicer since the Samsung Galaxy S7 appeared on the market. They pasted a few seasons in a very depressing atmosphere with economic accounts, but changes in strategy in the mobile world seem to be working for them.

Koreans have presented results for the first quarter of the year, and as usual, we have economic data, little about sales figures that allow us to compare with other phones. The reality is that the quarter is better than what has been achieved in the same period last year, and the outlook for 2016 also looks good.

Samsung is a very large company, this not only on phones, and we can say that almost all departments have improved in revenue – except “screens” -. But what are the phones weigh. The relative success of the Galaxy S7 and his brother Curved Edge have been the main catalysts of the accounts. Continue Reading


7 reasons why the iPhone will triumph

Not rumored has been less striking. The expected iPhone SE represents the return to the four – inch Apple, the only manufacturer that keeps this diagonal for high -end devices and it also makes a striking price certainly.

He has also made ​​a bet that probably has convinced fans of compact devices and those seeking to update their old models and was hesitant to make the leap to higher diagonals. There are more reasons why we believe that the iPhone SE will triumph and you the detailed below. Continue Reading