Moto G4 Plus after a month of use, end up convincing yourself

Moto G4 Plus

The initial reaction to the arrival of the new Moto G manufactured by Lenovo was uneven: the identity of that family created by Motorola disappeared now that Lenovo took the reins, and had a different bet. Probably more suited to the times, something that some users were reluctant to accept favorably.

We neither saw very clear, but after the initial analysis of the G4 Moto Plus we could spend a month with a device that goes from strength to strength and has just convinced by their successes. It may not be that device star, but certainly still maintains a quality price / performance especially remarkable.

Major changes outside …

Much changed in this new Moto G family of Lenovo. To start we have three different versions of Moto G4, of which the analyzed by us is the most powerful (and expensive). In this Moto Plus G4 and G4 Moto normal design is conditioned by one of its distinctive features: the diagonal screen, which goes from 5 inches from the previous generation to 5.5 inches of these models.

Moto G4 Plus
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That can be a deterrent for some users, but the truth is that this phablet format has been imposed in the market for good reasons. Having that screen allows more and better enjoy both reading or web browsing videos that can be played on a terminal that although it is not particularly compact itself has an acceptable thickness (9.8 mm) and weighing also quite asumible (155 grams).

That ‘s right: the design is mediocre, and certainly if we presume mobile will not succeed with this terminal . Motorola offers the ability to customize the design with Moto Maker in some countries, but here housings are the only options that can give a differential touch in this section.

Neither the materials or shapes attract attention, and the changes are noted in the new fingerprint sensor, which makes us to forget the two front speakers, there isnow only one in the top- and a rear portion loses the characteristic curvature of Moto G.

Interestingly the housing can be removed and that gives access to the two SIM -something destacable- and slot microSD slots, but although we see the battery, the battery is not removable.

… And inside

Many good news comes from the hardware part. The first major feature is the IPS 5.5 – inch screen that has a really great quality for a terminal of this range. Good brightness and contrast, good definition thanks to jump to 1080p resolution Gorilla Glass 3 protection and performance that leaves us satisfied both outdoors and indoors.

The fingerprint sensor, striking novelty G4 Plus Moto – not present in other models- is a fantastic choice for any device and of course this is no exception. Their behavior is good because it is fast and works with the recognition oriented in any direction finger.

The only problem with this sensor is that it is just that, a sensor. It does not act as a start button, something that confuses and would do the most natural and comfortable interaction. Start buttons, back and traditional menu of Android terminals are not located in the lower frame, but are buttons on – screen software, something that we believe is one of the main buts that you can put the terminal: a month later we kept pressing the sensor thinking it was the start button, not just getting used to that philosophy of Lenovo.

The software, hit by shortages of customization

Lenovo well when not add layers of customization in this terminal. The G4 Moto Plus has an almost identical experience to that of the Nexus with Android version 6.0.1 Marshmallow in which there is just tinkering and, yes, has some native applications – for Lenovo as Moto Display notifications – Actions and Moto – for gestures.

Both are a success by improving usability introduced, but also the set allows the flow of terminal behavior is quite remarkable. Help is provided that the device is governed by a Snapdragon 617 – accompanied by 2GB of RAM- a quantum leap over previous processors used in this range.

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Yes it is true that this fluidity is somewhat compromised when using applications or demanding games: this is where we notice how the terminal warms more account within 15 minutes to start playing for example, and is a problem that although not it seems serious itself makes it clear that that paragraph is not entirely well resolved by Lenovo.

In this software, by the way, a striking feature: the inclusion of an FM radio application that lets you listen to radio stations connected both helmets-which offer better quality to use as antenna – like without them. All point to value considering this option the terminals are far fewer than those expected, especially in the high range.

Another paragraph that are well resolved is the battery: Lenovo offers a capacity of 3000 mAh in the battery, which allows the terminal to hold all day with no problems, and with moderate use is likely to surprise either nice and get a day and a half. However here the most prominent option is to support the rapid charging that also can take advantage from the start with the charger included in the G4 Moto Plus (which is not included in the Moto G4 “normal”).

What power load 100% in just an hour and a half is already good news, but when we need some margin also can recharge briefly in 15 minutes get enough to hold a couple of hours without problems recharges the terminal, for example.

The camera, point differential

If there is a point where the Moto G4 Plus shines when we look at the price tag it is on your camera. 16 Mpixel sensor gives the C’s here, and the truth is that the capture shots that are more than acceptable, with good dynamic range but perhaps more saturates account to give the vividness of colors that many appreciate.

This camera also allows access to a “Pro” mode in which fans can control various parameters independently for specific results in certain scenes. You cannot capture in RAW format, but certainly, after a month of use we have found that we can be very comfortable with this camera.

It is true that in low – light shots it gets tricky, but still we have a really prominent component. The rate of release of the camera is not great and neither is the approach -here note that the high end are one step encima- but as we say the camera behaves surprisingly well.

All this makes this Moto G4 Plus a terminal that is hard not to recommend. It is true that not seem the natural heir of the G Moto we had seen in recent years, but after these weeks we have been checking how these “betrayals” their predecessors are offset by characteristics that certainly worth it. The feeling it is that the G4 plus Moto going from less to more and ends up convincing. With us it has achieved, of course.