The ultimate comparison of audio in the best smartphones of the moment

The audio is that eternal forgotten, the ugly duckling of technological comparisons and we think it’s an ideal time to listen to what some of the most advanced and mobile manufacturers of mobile phones have to tell us. And discern if it is siren songs or realities that go beyond the strictly technological part, the acronyms and the laboratory patents.

First of all it should be noted that mobile phones, despite their impressive performance in high ranges, have not been designed to play audio specifically. Let us not communicate with mill wheels: neither its speakers nor its headphones are designed to offer the highest quality. They are multitasking tools, functional and very versatile, but where an audiophile would stumble looking for the champion of perfection.

By the way, let’s define perfection: the quality does not translate to listening to loud bombastic ones that you rebtruenen the ears, nor in a volume that makes to rumble the table where is placed the terminal, but in offering a version as reliable as possible of the song as it is was conceived by composers, producers and mixers.

A music player should indeed reproduce, do a translation of the music studio to our ears. It’s nice when some devices color old songs, yes, but it’s not true. In this comparative we look for that middle point of equity, where the possible “traps” in the sound are avoided. Continue Reading


How to calibrate a mobile’s battery and why you should

Smartphones contain components that are durable over time, such as processors, screens or cameras, but there is a component inside it that degrades over time, and sometimes has problems when it comes to operating properly. We talk about the batteries, both fixed and interchangeable.

The battery charge of our mobile phone is calculated based on a series of algorithms that the system executes and that are based on the capacity of the battery, the time that we have been charging it and the maximum point of load, that is reached after a while. As soon as some of these factors fail, we can find a deviation in the calculations and, therefore, have before us a battery calibrated. Let’s see how to solve it but before, why it is important to solve it. So, how to calibrate the battery of a mobile? Continue Reading

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 and its OLED screen in trouble, covering demand will not be easy for manufacturers

It has long been rumored that Apple will offer OLED displays in future iPhone in August , and it will achieve one of the advances that had not yet integrated into their smartphones while competition itself had been doing time.

The problem is that the huge demand for these devices could compromise manufacturers: OLED displays are more complex to produce, and limited production could have a dangerous side effect: that only a variant of the iPhone 8 would offer such displays. Continue Reading

Huawei Mate 9

The Huawei Mate 9 2X zoom double camera

As you met yesterday, the new Huawei Mate 9, its high-end phablet in the format of the 2016, comes with a photographic system in collaboration with Leica and composed of a double sensor. It is the most powerful trend among the high range of this year.

Although the system of dual camera new Huawei Mate 9 is partly continuous respect to the double sensor seen already in the Huawei P9, there are interesting developments around the two sensors, one RGB and one in black and white. We review for you all you need to know about the double chamber New Huawei Mate 9.

Two sensors, but not the same

Huawei repeats strategy for the camera of its second important terminal of the year. The Huawei Mate 9 offers a dual lens camera second generation, developed in collaboration with Leica.

The combination of sensors is now different. No longer are two sensors of the same resolution (12 MP), one RBG and other monochrome, but the Mate 9 RBG sensor resolution is maintained but increased to 20 MP the monochrome. In both cases, Huawei claims to have made them grow in size to improve the uptake of light.

As it already happened in the model P9, Huawei applies different algorithms to combine the images that take both sensors and offer a single image that offers 12 megapixels of resolution. The brightness of F2.2 both lenses is far from the minimum f1.8 we are seeing in front line terminals. Continue Reading

Google Pixel

Five features of Google Pixel that can lead to other Android

It is nothing new that every smartphone hits the market has some features that are unique to that model or brand, and all of them, the missing family Nexus was the least of these exclusives brought and finally, the development community got by for almost anyone could have it.

But the arrival of the family Pixel has put Google as a manufacturer more, with a personalization own, but whose exclusives, at least in large part, can reach any Android, well thanks to the Mountain View or developers. Five of them and can be enjoyed in other Android. Continue Reading

Mi Mix

Mi Mix is ​​the phone of the future that we are surprised and Philippe Starck Xiaomi 6.4 inches unframed

After staging the phone we expected, the Note 2, and its accessory for virtual reality, the Mi VR, it was his turn to a ‘One More Thing’ unexpected. It is initially presenting a conceptual phone that advances us where you want to go Xiaomi, the truth is that it has an imposing appearance, both in size, as by design. But the Chinese brand wants to sell now.

It is called Xiaomi Mi Mix and is a device in which the entire front is occupied by the screen, reminding us to work with Sharp makes many of its Japanese phones, but taking it to another level thanks to its 6.4 – inch diagonal in the panel. Continue Reading


Huawei Nova Plus, are enough good selfies and autonomy to reign in the mid-range

Huawei Nova Plus promise improved the rest of these phones with intermediate characteristics experienced design and superior construction. Above all they wanted to address the public that values the phone not only physical, but of itself, giving much importance to the subjective camera and specific software devoted to it so that the user gets the best auto focus. Do you get all this Huawei Nova Plus? We see it in depth. Continue Reading


iPhone debut OLED screen and Home button will bid farewell to its tenth anniversary

We do not know the supposed iPhone 7 would be presented during the month of September and already we are getting more rumors of what we see in 2017 for the Star Apple device, this thanks to the famous filtrador Mark Gurman who just publish information about what that is cooking in Cupertino.

The editor of Bloomberg tells us that Apple is preparing a new feature to use public transportation in Japan, but certainly the most important thing is that next year is the tenth anniversary of the device, the company plans a radical change that has do with eliminating the Home button, a hallmark of the device. Continue Reading

Read on mobile

The future of the book is to read on mobile?

One enters the meter and do not see too many people with books in hand .Instead abound e – book readers and smartphones all in Travellers play, communicate or, of course, read.

The question is therefore obvious? Has become mobile in the substitute’s book life when reading many raised the mobile revolution as a revolution also the publishing segment, but the fact is that today no signs that the phenomenon occurred.

Even new editors defend the role

In addition, we referred to this area “do you think the new e – book publishers, DRM and the future of reading,” an article in which our colleague Sergio Parra came in contact with responsible publishers greenfield. Continue Reading


Apple could be reserved for the iPhone 8: What impact will that have on sales of the iPhone 7?

Within about two months will witness the launch of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – if those are your definitivos- names, and the truth is that everything is rumored or leaked in recent months speaks about devices that many things will be too similar to the current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

In fact recent rumors suggest that Apple will not make great revolutions this year and break its usual two – year cycle to renew both inside and outside the terminals. This new cycle could lead not to an iPhone 7s, but directly to theiPhone 8 in fall 2017 to celebrate the decade of the launch of its smartphone. What impact that might have on sales these coming quarters?

IPhone 7: Changes yes, revolutions do not

The Apple rumor mill often causes all sorts of conspiracy theories, but the truth is that everything suggests that the design of the iPhone 7 will be practically traced to the current terminal except for the famous disappearance of 3.5mm of the both we are talking and that many have criticized here and there. Continue Reading