Apple could be reserved for the iPhone 8: What impact will that have on sales of the iPhone 7?


Within about two months will witness the launch of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – if those are your definitivos- names, and the truth is that everything is rumored or leaked in recent months speaks about devices that many things will be too similar to the current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

In fact recent rumors suggest that Apple will not make great revolutions this year and break its usual two – year cycle to renew both inside and outside the terminals. This new cycle could lead not to an iPhone 7s, but directly to theiPhone 8 in fall 2017 to celebrate the decade of the launch of its smartphone. What impact that might have on sales these coming quarters?

IPhone 7: Changes yes, revolutions do not

The Apple rumor mill often causes all sorts of conspiracy theories, but the truth is that everything suggests that the design of the iPhone 7 will be practically traced to the current terminal except for the famous disappearance of 3.5mm of the both we are talking and that many have criticized here and there.

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May aesthetic differences are not huge, but where logically yes there will be change is inside, where in addition to a new processor also could attend the launch of the first iPhone with Dual Camera (only in the Plus? Or will we have a third model Pro?), something we have seen in terminals such as LG G5 or Huawei P9.

The impact that system on the already remarkable cameras current iPhone remains to be seen, but where they do have interesting news will finally be in one of the sections that are most critical to the firm in recent years: the start from the base model 32GB and not 16GB as usual .

Is Apple pocketing the best for next year?

For many these could be reason enough to upgrade their existing models and move to the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but the truth is that it looks like Apple many more new saved up his sleeve.

The latest rumors indicate that Apple has already ordered him to TSMC’s manufacturing processor A11 that would be produced by a lithographic process 10 nanometers, which of course would be a milestone in the advancement of its microprocessors and would provide significant improvements both in performance and efficiency.

This improvement would be added to other equally remarkable as the potential integration of an OLED screen and removing a Start button that until now was also key to put your fingerprint sensor. It is very likely that there are also developments in other sections and, of course, iOS 10, which will surely serve to celebrate the tenth anniversary of a smartphone that was quite a disruption, deserves.

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Skillful maneuvering, or brake on short-term sales?

Things did not go as well as going the Apple: its iPhone sales fell for the first time in the quarter, and company managers already warned that in the second quarter things did not go much better. True, the numbers are still enviable, and although some argue that growth has simply been normalized after the explosive emergence of the iPhone 6 / Plus, the numbers have disappointed many analysts.

These “bad” (and many would like) results could be extended if as seems the iPhone 7 device becomes a “transition”. Even with interesting elements like this dual camera, the expectations are getting in 2017 and that “iPhone’s tenth anniversary” could have a counterproductive effect: that of people that money is saved and wait until the appearance of these promising iPhone 8.

In addition, just we wanted to invite you to participate in this debate not only in the comments, but in a short survey. Even considering that for the moment all are hypotheses and that even within two months, not what kind of presents Apple iPhone 7 will be confirmed, have you thought about buying the new model?

The coming months will help us to see if this potential purchase intent does justice to the financial data that Apple should offer in January 2017: the impact of iPhone 7 / Plus will begin to be felt clearly there.