Ubuntu finally turns your smartphone into a desktop PC, and does so via Miracast


The promise of convergence was too good to be true. Canonical made us dream, but the platform has finally reached the market has shown that both smartphones and tablets, there is still a long way to go for Ubuntu.

Today, however, have taken an important step: the latest update of the mobile operating system achieves something that until now was not available for users of Ubuntu on smartphones: now can turn your phone into a desktop PC wirelessly thanks to the Miracast technology.

Image Source: Google Image

The convergence of Canonical inching

The Meizu Pro 5 is the first terminal in which have shown that ability that makes what we saw in the tablets bq Aquaris Ubuntu Edition M10 reach the end smartphones like this. No wires do lack, and with a wireless dongle with support Miracast longer have access to that capability when connected to any monitor (via HDMI normally).

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From that moment the experience of mobile desktop will become a desktop, and as happened with the tablet presented with that option, can connect a keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse to achieve working with mobile like a PC.

Canonical also indicate that arrive in this update also notable performance improvements for M10, better response Bluetooth mouse, and more fluid and smooth when displaying graphics contained on the device. Hopefully further progress with new and improved features that help make sense of this convergence that both expected and for now is still limited.