iPhone debut OLED screen and Home button will bid farewell to its tenth anniversary

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We do not know the supposed iPhone 7 would be presented during the month of September and already we are getting more rumors of what we see in 2017 for the Star Apple device, this thanks to the famous filtrador Mark Gurman who just publish information about what that is cooking in Cupertino.

The editor of Bloomberg tells us that Apple is preparing a new feature to use public transportation in Japan, but certainly the most important thing is that next year is the tenth anniversary of the device, the company plans a radical change that has do with eliminating the Home button, a hallmark of the device.


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It will be the most important development in the history of the iPhone

There have been many rumors that speak of an iPhone with OLED screen without Home button, and today that idea takes strength coming from Gurman, who has a perfect record for leaks Apple, as it is confirmed the version that we have heard on a couple of occasions, something the same the Wall Street Journal confirmed a couple of months ago.

This new iPhone that would come in 2017 would arrive with the first major resideƱo since its launch in 2007, because the whole front would have a new OLED screen borderless, manufactured by Samsung and LG Display, which would lead to the elimination of the famous button Home, all facing the 10th anniversary of the device.

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iPhone with Sony FeliCa chip for Japan

Another novelty will be the introduction of chip – to – pay tap FeliCa which is manufactured by Sony, this chip is currently used in Japan for public transport, which causes people to use the service with only bring your device to terminals, similar to what occurs with the use of NFC technology more penetration in the United States, Europe and Australia. This new technology would be integrated into the iPhone we’ll see in September but will not be implemented until next year.

To get a perspective on the importance of the FeliCa chip, it should be mentioned that only during 2015 in Japan were transactions 46,000 million, this in about 1.9 million handsets in the country. This shows that can be a very important market for the company, which is still looking for places to implement your system Apple Pay.