Qualcomm wants to be the heart more efficient with its Snapdragon wearables 1100

The world of wearables begins to mature and that involves making adjustments in strategies, we no longer need devices that do everything, because it has been shown that success is reaching those that offer good autonomy and specific functions that often do not need a connection to our smartphone.

For this reason it is necessary to also change some of the components and focus efforts on making them more efficient, and Qualcomm wants to attack this segment through its new range of processors which premiered in February with the Snapdragon Wear 2100 and now is the time to learn Wear the new Snapdragon 1100. Continue Reading


ASUS again let their hair with G31 ROG and ROG GX800 for gamers

Those responsible for ASUS have not stopped talking about developments in this Computex 2016: in a second event dedicated exclusively to video game lovers the firm has submitted that according to its makers are laptop and desktop PC gaming’s most powerful world.

The ASUS ROG G31 Edition 10 marks a decade of effort ASUS for copar an increasingly demanding in the field of PCs for gaming category, while the ROG GX800 is a laptop that renews and characteristic giant module liquid cooling and adds power to pour for a team that also has a retro laminate mechanical keyboard. Continue Reading

Nvidia GeForce

Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX: That’s ever created more powerful graphics card

Surely the only segment of the PC world still giving joy to be the manufacturer’s of equipment for players. We are seeing in renovations and emphasis of brands with their products to gamers. And all the components the undisputed queen is the graphics card. Well, we have the most desired: Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX.

The new graphics Nvidia debuts architecture Pascal and passes suddenly to stand as the most powerful market while priced at $ 600, it becomes a safe bet in value within its range. Let’s see what he can do. Continue Reading

Print a 3D car

Print a 3D car and sell it will be possible in 2016, puts Siemens ingredients

Print 3D car is something that every day seems closer; at least they want to sell the business people of Siemens and Local Motors. Last year taught us much of its work with a vehicle called LM3D Swim.

With the idea of producing cars faster and achieve lower costs, the two companies try to introduce 3D printing business. They also ensure that your creation system comes with a lower risk of failure, allows greater customization in products and finishes, and is also responsible to the environment (special printing techniques, completely recyclable materials). Continue Reading


AMD heated rumors about the arrival of Neo PlayStation, Nintendo NX and a new Xbox

AMD has told its investors very interesting things, it seems that the presentation of financial results is a good time to give them some good atmosphere, but also for industry and media say the eyes open and see what loose. What we have has to do with the next generation of video game consoles.

The signing of the processors has a lot of work over the coming months, and that all pools related to the internal hardware of the new PlayStation, also from Nintendo NX, even talk of a new Xbox 1.5. Continue Reading

Intel processors

Intel processors, smartphones and glass balls

If anyone has read ‘The Intel Trinity’ will know by heart the story of the eight traitors and how that event led to the gestation of the company that dominated the semiconductor company for the next five decades. In that story, as in many others, there is a good (Bob Noyce), ugly (Gordon Moore) and bad (Andy Grove), and the funny thing is that only one of them, “ugly”, I could see really future. And that future was in microprocessors.

That was in the early 70. After several years growing thanks to them, the memories business was no longer profitable, so Grove decided to go for a segment to which almost no one paid attention. Microprocessors, he said, could be the future. He was right, of course, and that led Intel to lead a market that would escape 20 years later. Otellini was at a crossroads similar ways, but confided. Mobile devices were not competitive, he thought. That decision has cost a lot to this company. Among other things, has just announced the dismissal of 12,000 employees over the next 12 months. Continue Reading

Intel Core i7-6950x

The Intel Core i7-6950x will have 10 cores: Who needs them?

Have leaked details of which will be the next Intel: the Core i7-6950x Extreme Edition is the most powerful processor of the firm and will be based on the Broadwell architecture of 14 NM, but mostly headlined by a facet: it will have 10 cores and support 20 simultaneous threads of execution.

Do we need so much power? That’s what the question is a truly prodigious CPU in this section only will benefit the most demanding in all its magnitude. And watch out, because it will not be a good choice for gamers. Continue Reading

HP printers

HP protects your new printers against cyber attacks, and that’s more important than you think

If you have a local network at home with several connected computers, I’m sure they take measures to protect them against possible threats arriving from abroad. But what if I tell you that printers also need to have their own security protocols as they can be a perfect point of attack?

The weakest link in a chain is what makes its strength, and local office networks increasingly attacks that have originated in the connected printers are detected. That’s why HP has recently introduced a new range of office printers highlighting new security measures, but really the printers are so “hackable” and dangerous as it says HP? Continue Reading

Xbox One

Microsoft, do not want an Xbox One upgradeable

These days Microsoft has told us many things. For example, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is now available for Windows 10, but so will other titles such as ‘Forza Motorsport 6: Apex’ or ‘Quantum Break’. The idea: to unify its gaming platform for PC users with Windows 10 and Xbox One can share experiences.

One of the potential consequences, indicated in an interview Phil Spencer, is in the apparent intention of Microsoft to make the Xbox One ends up with an upgradeable hardware. It is unclear how they want to raise this revolution, but there are strong arguments to make him see that an updatable console Microsoft does not have as many advantages as we want to see.

A universal platform to rule them all

I recently debated in Ars Technica, which highlighted how Microsoft seems to have returned to take into account the PC for the segment of video games, which surprisingly had not done so too clear for years. The PC was for other things, seemed to want to say, if you want to play, do it on the Xbox One. Continue Reading

Lenovo Yoga 900 Review

Lenovo Yoga 900 a convertible with many successes

Lenovo seems to have heard the criticisms made, and those that made ​​the users-because the new Lenovo Yoga 900 corrects almost all the flaws of its predecessor and delivers a portable 2 in 1 convertible inheriting the best of Yoga and range and racing is an increasingly bitter struggle in this segment.

A design that highlights the hinge

Let’s start with the bad news. The Yoga 900 is heavier and thicker than its predecessor. It is, however, for very good reasons. Yoga Pro 3 is focused on thinness and weight as fundamental factors, but that was we met a team with a battery below the average and power also room for improvement.

These two factors have been fixed in the new Yoga 900, but this Lenovo engineers have not hesitated to slightly increase both the weight of the device which rises to 1.30 kg from 1.19 anterior- and thickness, reduced from 12.8 mm from Yoga Pro 3 to about 16 mm of this new model.

That makes the team is not exactly a “pen”, but still we have a good bet and a great balance of size, weight and performance. 900 Yoga design is similar to the previous model, with a magnesium alloy as the lead in the upper housing in which, yes, the brand “Yoga” appears more prominent than “Lenovo”. JBL speakers on either side of the team, as we saw offer excellent sound quality even when we put the notebook in tablet mode: a curious detail appears at the bottom. Continue Reading