Do not we have enough RAM on the phone? Samsung ups the ante to 8GB


Now we have spoken on occasion of this new career that has mobile phones by having more RAM. No matter the amount, if a manufacturer creates a larger memory module, we have no doubt that soon there will be someone.

The reality is that having more RAM is very beneficial in the panorama Android, a system that assumes these increases guarantees not having restrictions with multiple tasks. Having more – volatile memory also means being able to load more demanding applications, or a more beautiful future ahead of updates. For this, and make it clear they are the bosses, Samsung believes that it is time to present its module with 8GB.

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It is very normal to see mobile phones with 4GB of RAM and easily can find different models – Chinese brands – who dare to go up to 6GB. These two quantities are controlled by the factories of Samsung, which has been creating modules since December 2014. It is time to move to a new level.

The new RAM doubles the capacity of the current module 4GB (20nm), occupying the same physical space and consume the same amount of energy

The new DRAM memory is composed of four ‘packages’ format 16GbLPDDR4, built with technology 10nm manufacturing, a process already used in memories and soon released in processors. These four modules are what we consider to 8 gigabytes (GB).

It is not only bigger, it also runs more, reaching a speed of 4.266 megabits per second. Faster than DDR4 DRAM found in computers. As for the size and implementation, i.e. having a thickness of only one millimeter (15x15x1mm) and may be integrated on the same PCB that the UFS memory and processor.

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Samsung believes that having more memory also goes hand in hand growth in the resolution of mobile screens, which easily will raise average to Ultra HD for 2017. Let’s not forget that also thrive mobile devices with multiple cameras and recording format 4K practically it is a standard. All this is dealt much better with more RAM.

Who’s going to premiere? Probably a Galaxy

We should think not only on phones, this tiny memory may end up part of many gadgets like tablets

Samsung is a creator of mobile devices, but has shown that if there are buyers of its technology, is able to put forward the production make money for others. Thus, these modules 8GB phones will see in the house, but also of competition.

Of course, brand sure it debuts a Galaxy model, and view how is the yard with the Note debacle, the same is a great coup for the output power of the next flagship.

Are they necessary 8GB of RAM on a mobile device? Do you get that developers do not draw out of what we already have? The debate is served.