GDDR6 and HBM3: Everything that is known about the memories that carry the most powerful graphics cards in a few years

Graphics Card

If the output of the new graphics both Nvidia as AMD pose a headache for those who want to renew hardware on your computer, care that are curves.

Samsung and Hynix have already advanced juicy details of what technical level ahead bring us to the next reports HBM3 and GDDR6. As we have just seen in the market to its predecessors, the new memories mainly for graphics cards and promises interesting improvements in all technical sections: configuration, bandwidth consumption and attentive, a price that closer and closer to market of consumption.

Graphics Card
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HBM3: Up to 64 GB with TB / s bandwidth

The card Nvidia GP100 was a few months ago HBM2 the first to include memory in design. Samsung and SK Hynix already we have advance details of which it is called to replace in the best graphics solutions in a few years. If commented by AMD so far met, be they with Navi solutions where the premiere.

HBM3 see the light not before 2019 and as an evolution of the previous version, it may be included in configurations up to 64GB thanks to the expansion of density and number of memories that can be stacked. Graphics cards opting for this type of memory will doubled the bandwidth of 256GB / s to 512 Gb / s per layer. And still the reduction of consumption, without specified yet, it does have ahead will be lower than 1.2 V HBM2 the current version.

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GDDR6 and HBM: A memory by low cost

Samsung will maintain the idea of providing graphics cards memory solutions for price / performance ratio will bring the massive entry difficult market to HBM type. Spend today with GDDR5X and it seems that the market will in future GDDR6 an interesting alternative.

Future reports will be able to offer GDDR6 starting an identical bandwidth that now is to stop the GDDR5X, about 14-15 Gbps, while reducing consumption by 20%.

But as the HBM solutions have gained considerable ground because of its unique features, Samsung has advanced well these days his work with HBM type memories but with lower cost. With them they are hoping to place this type of memory cards and graphics solutions for the public.

The main difference of this HBM low cost is bandwidth per layer. Compared to 256 GB / s that currently offers the HBM2 memory, the future HBM would remain at 200 GB / s, with fewer pins but more bandwidth (2 to 3 GB / s) for each of them.